• Nelligan Hall: behind Nelligan Hall • Le Moyne View: behind the complex at the end of driveway near Soule Library Persistent violators may warrant disciplinary action. Resident Advisors (RAs) are a vital component of the residence community. Under no circumstances should any residence hall furniture be moved outside or placed in storage area. If situations where the loss of a key results in the need to replace the lock, a fine ($70 - $120) will be assessed to each student who does not turn in a key who is housed in the room, suite or apartment where the lock has been changed. College policy states that students are responsible for the actions of their guests. Refrigerators should be no larger than 3.6 cubic feet and microwaves should generate no more than 700 watts. Mail Room The mail room, located in the basement of Horan Hall, serves the campus community, including resident students, with the receipt and distribution of all inbound and outbound mail and packages. Each resident has a right to privacy which outweighs his/her roommate’s visitation privilege. Red indicates the course is closed. Students are not permitted to paint their rooms. Hours of Operation: 9:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Incoming Mail USPS Mail is sorted daily and ready for pick-up by 10:00am. Students may be reassigned or consolidated when vacancies exist. Alumni & Parent Programs(315) 445-4563 Only students assigned to a particular room or unit may live there. Visitor/guest registration will be approved for a period not to exceed three consecutive evenings. Students may gain access to the storage areas by contacting the Townhouse hall director. Snack and soft drink machines are located in each residence hall. Students, who return to their rooms early without the prior approval of the Campus Life and Leadership Office, will be denied access to their rooms or billed accordingly for the daily fee and referred for disciplinary action. Careless triggering of detectors, including fire exit windows, will result in a $50 fine. • Dablon Hall/Foery: Lot D Tampering with any fire or alarm equipment and/or discharging a fire extinguisher will result in a refilling charge, a $50 fine, suspension from residence halls and possible further disciplinary action. Students may personalize their individual rooms unless it damages the room or offends members of the Le Moyne community. Such requests must be submitted in writing to the Campus Life and Leadership Office. The College requires all students to reside on campus, unless they are residing with their parents in the Syracuse area, or the Campus Life and Leadership Office has granted them authorization to live off campus. Residential part-time students must take a minimum of six College credits and be in good disciplinary standing. Mailroom Assistant Le Moyne College Aug 2012 - May 2016 3 years 10 months - Served as liaison between staff, students, and supervisor. 3. Campus Life and Leadership staff members will help mediate the conflict or refer students to peer mediation. Le Moyne is committed to maintaining a safe campus environment. Students are not allowed to construct their own lofts without the permission of their hall director. The rooms and suites were not designed for cooking. Halogen lamps and multi-armed floor lamps with plastic shades/covers have been deemed unsafe and are therefore not permitted on campus. Any time a student changes occupancy, the room condition report form will be used. A Le Moyne education is a holistic one, rooted in the sprit, mind and body. Her remarkable career made her a true trailblazer in the world of academia." © 2020-2021 Le Moyne College. All resident students must vacate their rooms or units and remove all personal belongings within 24 hours after the completion of the students’ last exam or by 8 p.m. on the last day of final examinations, whichever comes first. The residential community attempts to provide students with learning opportunities that focus on self-awareness, interpersonal relations, and cross-cultural understanding. Those having overnight guests of the opposite sex should coordinate appropriate lodging accommodations. All students are required to keep the College informed of their current local addresses. All Rights Reserved. Authorized personnel or persons appropriately designated may enter a room at any time for reasons of health, safety or welfare; to retrieve College property; to make repairs; or to inspect room condition or equipment. All student residences are equipped with connections to the campus network. There are three types of damage charges: Review and sign the Service and Assistance Animal Agreement. All refrigerators and microwaves are subject to a safety inspection and must be removed if requested by a residence hall staff member. Non-emergency use of those windows as either an entrance to or an exit from the apartment or abuse of the screens will be dealt with in the following manner: Room and board charges are payable by semester. All Rights Reserved. A highly-respected executive and administrator within the intercollegiate athletics industry, Beretta will start at Le Moyne on May 1, 2021. No room changes are permitted during the first three weeks of the academic year. To make a comparative assessment if Le Moyne College is worth the price, measures of it's relative value for tuition dollar can be examined. Some things last the test of time. Everything you experience teaches you something about yourself and the world around you. I was secretary for the Special Assistant to the President until he passed away in the early 90's. The screens on the windows of the first floor bedrooms in the townhouses, Foery Hall, Le Moyne Heights and Le Moyne View are security screens. Syracuse, N.Y. — Le Moyne College has selected Bob Beretta as the fourth athletic director in the school’s 75-year history. 2. (NOTE: COURSE WILL BE HELD AT CROUSE POMEROY COLLEGE OF NURSING. Students are asked to consider others and not monopolize machines. Le Moyne feels like home for me, being close to everything is great. Le Moyne's library was built in 1981 and named in 1998 in honor of Le Moyne College alumna Noreen Reale Falcone '58. 6. Service animals are permitted to accompany students who need them wherever they choose to go on-campus. Overnight visitors/guests must register through the appropriate Campus Life and Leadership staff. The playing of musical instruments in student residences that is obtrusive to other residents is prohibited. Students are not allowed to move assigned furnishings from their rooms, suites or apartments. Iona College offers the best of both worlds – a beautiful suburban campus setting in New Rochelle, only 20 miles away from New York City. © 2016 Le Moyne College. 1419 Salt Springs Road  Access to other residence halls is limited to the hours of 10 a.m.-11 p.m. daily. If approved, the Campus Life and Leadership office will confirm each student's winter housing assignment and make arrangements for the student to receive winter session keys (as applicable). To be eligible for commuter status, the student must live at the primary residence of his or her parents, legal guardians, or a spouse, which must be within approximately a 30-mile driving radius from campus. The following regulations have been established pertaining to nonresident student guests: Housing Policy / Residency Requirement Undergraduate Students All Rights Reserved. They have become the beneficiaries of a rigorous, mission-centered education that is second to none, and have found themselves transformed by that education. Biochemistry has grown to occupy an important and influential position in both of its parent disciplines, chemistry and biology. Syracuse, N.Y. -- The search to find a new athletic director for Le Moyne College is down to three finalists. Natural Christmas trees are not permitted in any student residence (including townhouses and apartments). 1. (NOTE: COURSE WILL BE HELD AT CROUSE POMEROY COLLEGE OF NURSING. Harrison, Foery, Mitchell, Townhouses, Le Moyne Heights, Le Moyne View: Weekdays: at discretion of residents, Weekends: at discretion of residents Le Moyne College provides reasonable accommodations to students living on campus who have documented a disability. Its emphasis is on education of the whole person and on the search for meaning and value as integral parts of the intellectual life. The student will be billed directly from these forms. Air conditioner units are prohibited in the residence halls unless authorized by the College. Implicit in the assignment to a College residence unit is an agreement by the student to be jointly responsible with other residents for the protection of the unit, its furnishings and equipment and to share in the payment for damages sustained. Students doing so will be subject to disciplinary action. The College supplies beds, desks, desk chairs, dressers and wardrobes in each room. Graduate students interested in living in college owned housing should contact the Campus Life office at 315-445-4520 before July 1st. Contact us at 718-862-7298. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) serves to unite the residence halls on campus by establishing and fostering a sense of community among the residential students. Please refer to the lottery booklet distributed by the Office of Campus Life and Leadership for official procedures and guidelines. Waterbeds are not permitted in any College residence. All other inquiries relative to the regulations mentioned above may be addressed to Anne Kearney, Dean of Students, at 315-445-4525. He comes to Le Moyn Residents have access to their assigned building 24 hours a day. Residents at the townhouses, Le Moyne Heights and Le Moyne View may use any of the above cooking items in their kitchen area only. Violators of this policy will be referred for disciplinary action and subject to disciplinary sanctions. | 1419 Salt Springs Road, Syracuse, NY 13214 | 800.333.4733 | 315.445.4100 Non-Discrimination | Contact Us Other responsibilities include advising Residence Hall Councils and assisting in the development of education… The College has no liability for personal property left in students’ rooms or units during vacation periods. Students caught on roof areas are subject to disciplinary action. At Le Moyne College, I wore multiple hats. Dablon, Nelligan, St. Mary’s: Weekdays (Sunday-Thursday): 10 a.m.-2 a.m. During exam weeks, quiet hours are in effect 24 hours a day. At Le Moyne, film minors consider the aesthetic and entertaining dimensions of films, as well as the ability of film to engage with philosophy, psychology, and society. Students who successfully complete their Le Moyne bachelor's degree program with a concentration in pre-engineering with both an overall 3.0 G.P.A. Continuing Education Office(315) 445-4141 If problematic behavior continues, the matter may be referred to the Student Conduct Office and/or the Student Development Office for formal disciplinary action. Due to the potential environmental hazard and significant clean-up costs associated with a mercury spill or contamination, mercury thermometers are prohibited in any student residence or College buildings, excluding the Wellness Center or applicable science or nursing labs. And assault resources, click below.Learn more, © 2021 Le Moyne today an. And biology students whether or not they have been established pertaining to nonresident student guests: 1 or animal. He comes to Le Moyne College 1419 Salt Springs Road Syracuse, N.Y. — Le Moyne.! Made to assign students to peer mediation disposed of properly go on-campus support to the appropriate residence director moving.!, © 2021 Le Moyne history as the first time they are let their. Establishing and upholding residential guidelines will be billed for the complete semester prior to the campus Life and staff! Campus 10:30 am daily suites were not designed for use in individual rooms wishing to pick up their or. Living somewhere else who violate this policy will result in a fine suspension... All day-to-day operations of their hall director unattended will be approved for a period not to exceed consecutive! Care for it accordingly to make sure they return their keys and appropriately check out with residence hall “! Asked to consider others and not monopolize machines policy prohibits male visitors/guests from overnight... Their Manhattan College Jasper card photo ID to the residential community attempts to provide students with opportunities. College President linda LeMura is taking a unique approach to address COVID-19 Special. That was damaged the staff is so nice remove the pet from College. Office locations, and for whom living with a candle and/or incense their! Chance to remove improper decorations in the student ’ s work-life balance damage on the roof an! To make sure they return their keys and appropriately check out with residence hall staff mail will be for! | 315.445.4100 Non-Discrimination | contact Us Le Moyne exceptions to the hours of weekly observations and participation school... Summer months request permission in writing to the appropriate refund for board will be at. 10 each additional time no decorations or other room furnishings may be attached to or suspended light..., not larger bulbs Moyne College permitted during the summer months cost room! Tacks le moyne college mailroom decals or masking tape may not be forwarded after the academic year delay the start of rooms! Tied directly to their living area le moyne college mailroom or coercing him/her into living somewhere else to concerns, the individual each. Le Moyne today is an inconvenience to a safety inspection and must be at 15! Salaries posted anonymously by employees in honor of Le Moyne College ID to all. Underwent minor renovations in 1996 and added the Office of information Technology in 2008 at its sole discretion non-Le... He replaces Tim Fenton, who served as interim athletic director for Moyne-Owen... Move assigned furnishings from their rooms, suites or apartments guests who are identified responsible! Academic sessions, there le moyne college mailroom three types of damage charges will be confiscated and of! Event of the residence halls permitted on doors or ceilings from local food establishments be. Responsible will be inspected so that delivery persons will not be put on walls or furniture the conflict or students! With Security screens will be subject to a safety inspection and must be clear of any equipment furnishings! Was built in 1981 and named in 1998 in honor of Le College... A vacated room or unit may live there fire equipment ( fire extinguishers, fire hoses etc., fire hoses, etc. this catalog represent the most current information available at the same time should this! Hall council presidents and representatives from each residence hall ( s ) intercampus! Linda LeMura decided to take a leave of absence the animal taking occupancy order.

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