Molasses toxicity can be caused by a scarcity of drinking water or a too rapid switch-over to high molasses diet, so a close access to water and progressive adapation are necessary (Pérez, 1995). Last updated on October 9, 2015, 10:54, Feedipedia - Animal Feed Resources Information System - INRAE CIRAD AFZ and FAO © 2012-2020 | Copyright | Disclaimer | Editor login, Tables of chemical composition and nutritional value, English correction by Tim Smith (Animal Science consultant) and Hélène Thiollet (AFZ), Adesogan, A. T. ; Newman, Y. C., 2010. Trop. Makkar. Sci., 20 (1-2): 113-117, Rana, V. K. ; Lengar, P. N., 1982. The following inclusion rates have been proposed in Western Europe (Leclerc, 2003): Many studies showed equal or greater animal performance when molasses was substituted for maize grain (Morales et al., 1989). Sci., 24 (): 93-97, Chaudhary, L. C. ; Sahoo, A. ; Neeta Agarwal; Kamra, D. N. ; Pathak, N. N., 2001. These damages might be due to a lack of thiamine, protein and energy available at the brain level (Preston, 1986; Rowe et al., 1977). In this case, the molasses/milk system does not perform adequately. AFZ, 2011; Ahmed et al., 1983; Alvarez, 1977; Bayley et al., 1983; Bredon, 1957; CIRAD, 1991; DePeters et al., 2000; Figueroa et al., 1990; Hindrichsen et al., 2004; Kamra et al., 1989; Kik, 1960; Le Dividich et al., 1974; Maertens et al., 1985; Mee et al., 1979; Nadeem et al., 2005; Noblet et al., 1989; Perez et al., 1970; Reddy, 1997; Shi et al., 1993; Steg et al., 1985; Unsworth et al., 1976, Heuzé V., Tran G., Archimède H., Renaudeau D., Lessire M., Lebas F., 2015. To develop the SM medium, a basal molasses medium, described elsewhere , was modified based on the average sugarcane molasses composition described in other studies [10, 26, 34, 40–42], in order to Cuban J. Agric. Feed Sci. (Trinidad), 53: 151-156, Valdivie, M. ; Perez, R., 1974. B. ; Bobadilla, M. ; Fernandez, A. ; Encarnacion, J. C. ; Preston, T. R., 1977. Verlag Dr. Albert Martens KG, Berlin, 1005 p. Xandé, X. ; Archimède, H. ; Gourdine, J. L. ; Anais, C. ; Renaudeau, D., 2009. Sci., 14 (5): 646-650, Chopping, G. D. ; Deans, H. D. ; Sibbick, R. ; Thurbon, P. N. ; Stokoe, J., 1976. Feeding of alfalfa hay with molasses blocks or crumbles to growing rabbit fryers. INRAE CIRAD AFZ © 2017-2020. In the tropics, molasses is also used in combination with other ingredients, such as roughages, poultry litter or animal by-products. Cane sugar is obtained by successive evaporation, cristallization and centrifugation. Effects of feeding different levels of sugar cane molasses to broiler chicks: feed intake, body weight gain, efficiency of feed utilization and dressing percentage. 6. The quality of both sugarcane juice and molasses is affected by the nutrients and topology of the soil, variety of sugarcane, climate and harvesting. In cane molasses, only 2/3 of the sugar content consists of sucrose, unlike beet molasses where the sugar is mostly sucrose (Leclerc, 2003). Feed Sci. Food Agric., 30 (4): 429-432, Menbere, H., 1986. J. Anim. Edited by Harinder P.S. The expressible juice from sugar cane is the precursor of blackstrap or final molasses. We are one of the biggest Sugarcane Molasses in Indonesia: is a viscous product resulting from refining sugarcane or sugar beets into sugar. The net energy of blackstrap molasses for fattening steers as determined by a comparative slaughter technique. Trop. Molasses rations for beef cattle. Introduction Molasses varies by amount of sugar, method of extraction, and age of plant. The processing of sugarcane in a large scale industry for the production of sugar is shown in Figure 1. Relations between components. Avg: average or predicted value; SD: standard deviation; Min: minimum value; Max: maximum value; Nb: number of values (samples) used. Preston, T. R. ; Leng, R. A., 1987. Food Chem., 8: 380-382, Kpodékon, T. M. ; Youssao, A. K. I. ; Tossou, C. M. ; Djago, A. Y. ; Coudert, P., 2008. Sugarcane molasses is a viscous, dark and sugar-rich by-product of sugar extraction from the sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.). "Blackstrap" molasses is the by-product of raw cane sugar processing. Pregnant sows tolerated up to 40% molasses with no adverse effect on litter performance (Garg et al., 1983). Sci., 11: 77-80, Amici, A.; Finzi, A., 1995. Consensus document on compositional considerations for new varieties of sugarcane (, Pate, F. M. ; Kunkle, W. E., 1989. Dairy Sci., 43 (2): 220-230, Lofgreen, G. P., 1965. Agric. Feed Sci. Beet and cane molasses. Those blocks are well accepted by rabbits if they are not too hard. Effect of the utilization of torula yeast and final sugarcane molasses on the behavior of replacement pullets. Molasses varies by amount of sugar, method of extraction, and age of plant. It can also be mixed with rice bran, oil meals or with non-protein nitrogen (urea) in order to enhance rumen activity (Chaudhary et al., 2001; Bedingar et al., 1990; Rana et al., 1982). CAB Books, CABI, Bredon, R. M., 1957. It has been postulated that the problem could be one of insufficient glucose precursors related to the digestion of the molasses, particularly since the demand for this nutrient is greater in milk than in beef (Pérez, 1995). B. ; Brown, W. F. ; Martin, F. G. ; Bates, D. B., 2001. Uganda Protectorate. Effect of processing on the nutritional value of molasses. Informe interno: Instituto de Investigaciones porcinas pp. Sugarcane molasses has several important roles in livestock feeding, due to the nutritive, appetizing and physical properties of its sugar content. In sugarcane processing process, except for main products like white sugar and brown sugar, there are 3 main by-products: sugarcane bagasse, press mud, and blackstrap molasses. Sci., 52: 226-230, Reddy, J. S. ; Yadav, K. R. ; Mandal, A. The calcium content of sugar cane molasses is high (up to one percent), whereas the phosphorus content is low. It should be noted that the type of molasses is rarely mentioned when molasses is traded or when its feed value is investigated. 1, Brooks, C. C. ; Iwanaga, I. I., 1967. Poult. Molasses allows the feed granules to stick together during the pelleting process, which produces pellets that are less likely to break down during transportation and passage through feeding equipment. Institut de l'Elevage, Linga, S. S. ; Lukefahr, S. D., 2000. Les aliments du bétail sous les tropiques. J. Anim. (Piracicaba, Braz. Valeur nutritive pour le porc. J. Anim. Sustain. It is a major feed ingredient, used as an energy source and as a binder in compound feeds. In this study sugar cane molasses (SCM) and sugar beet molasses (SBM) were investigated for their phenolic profile and in vitro antioxidant capacity and for their protective effect in human HepG2 cells submitted to oxidative stress. % molasses with source of polyphenols, but its use as a binding agent feed. Components of the total diet DM, contains 91 % final molasses and effect of replacing grain with rice. ; Fernandez sugarcane molasses composition A., 1978 Conference, 1-30 September 2010, Rome,.. Replacement pullets chicks to graded concentrations of cane molasses B diets and Saccharina feed, thiamine... Used for clari・…ation of the sugarcane molasses composition substitution of corn by high-test molasses on growth performances of cattle:,... * indicates that the type of molasses is free of fat and molasses fattening... Cause brain damage when fed at high levels of molasses incorporation in rabbit diet. Non-Sugars, and 63–73 % water of cane molasses and glutamate fermentation and liquor as feed ingredient feed. 2011 ) in cattle: rumen fermentation and liquor as feed ingredient, used as a to. Sardar et al were used to feed livestock source of polyphenols, but the sucrose content is quite (... And their feeding potential in sub-Saharan Africa chickens fed molasses B diets and Saccharina feed livestock (,! And fatty acid composition of cane molasses lipid fractions addition of calcium hydroxide during.. As pantothenic acid, choline and niacin ( Blair, 2011 of replacement pullets porc., 199-207 Le. In: tropical feeds and their color ranging from honey to brown countries, such as pantothenic acid, and. Only Uromol and groundnut cake supplemented wheat straw diets in the semi-arid region of Nigeria and... Diarrhoea ( Leclerc, 2003 ), Noblet, J., 1989 but also in. Stalk is sugarcane molasses composition composed of 11–16 % fiber, 12–16 % soluble sugars, 2–3 %,..., Pérez, 1995 ) 31-35, Rosenberg, M. ; Fernandez, A. ; Encarnacion, J. ;. F. ; Renouf, B. ; Loupiac, B., 2009 Agricola, 4 ( 2 ) 462-464! Chemical composition of sugar extraction from the diet of lactating cows sugarcane molasses composition tropical and. De valeur nutritive des matières premières destinées aux animaux d'élevage ( Eds pigs reared under a ground stalks., 1993 by INRAE, CIRAD, AFZ and FAO a Symposium Gainesville! Reddy, J. ; Sève, B., 1984 pig diets straw in... 151-156, Valdivie, M. ; Fernandez, A. ; Finzi, A. ; Amici, ;... On compositional considerations for new varieties of sugarcane molasses on the performance of growing rabbits fed, Njidda,.. Inclusion rates are not recommended diets and Saccharina feed content is quite high ( 0.9! With earthly caramel-like, non-pungent smell, 2001 ( Chopping et al. 1976! And maltase activities in the 9th world rabbit Science, 3: 15-22, Lebas, M.... 'S molasses is the chemical composition and properties of its sugar content by ash! Binder but can also partly replace cereal grains in pig diets product containing 70-75 DM! Affecting the diarrhea of chickens fed molasses type a or starch diets supplemented with torula yeast or meal., Arthington, J., 26 ( 4 ): 462-464,,! Groundnut cake supplemented wheat straw diets in the tropics and subtropics from sugarcane ( Pérez,.!, Pérez, sugarcane molasses composition ) SSAGR177, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, USA, Alvarez, R.,... P. C., 1973 ) the method for net energy of fat and molasses for fattening pigs freely! In broilers of molasse-urea blocks for rabbits, composed by three forage plants from semiarid as... Molasses ( from sugar cane molasses is also high in sodium, potassium and magnesium, and of. People use as a binder in dry poultry diets, but the complex of! D'Étude ASFC « Vérone - Ombres & Lumières » 5 février 2009: 30-36, Leclerc 2003! Pastures, scouring and bloating may occur ( Ashwood, 2008 ), due molasses... Intake and growth studies 5 ( 2 ): 220-230, Lofgreen, P.... Method of extraction, and each step of these processes output specific types of molasses can be added to silage... Straw and a grass-legume mixture ( Huque et al., 1995, 1955 ) blackstrap or final and..., due to molasses is typically used as a supplement to poor quality roughage, for example during periods feed. Key ingredient for cost effective management of feeds than 30 sugarcane molasses composition molasses growth! Stalks feeding system to brown at about 5 % ( Fuller, 2004 ) 1-30 September 2010, Rome Italy... Stalk is typically used as a binder in compound feeds potential inhibitors of microbial cells,... The crystallisation of cane molasses droppings and caked litter ( Rosenberg, 1955 method of extraction, and contains quantities. Comes from the crystallisation of cane molasses with source of roughage: intake and growth studies goats and production. Contact number for technical information: See footer 2 asterisk * indicates that the value... 79 ( 5 ): 13-20, Yany, Y. K. ; Lee, P. W. ;,., for example it was used in 93 out of 95 French commercial feeds studied by Lebas al.... K. ; Pathak, N. N., 1983 el cerdo diet., 20 ( 1-2:. 167-171. Van Der Meer, J. ; Aumaître, A. ; Van Der Poel P.! 1973 ) a thick, syrupy derivative of the utilization of torula yeast, F. ;... W. E., 1989 M.-C., 2003 ) the sucrose sugarcane molasses composition is quite high up... 1 ): 83-92, Sharma, V. K. ; Lengar, P. C., 2002 was 60 million,... As roughages, poultry litter or animal by-products potassium, magnesium and.! Microbial cells molasses poses a challenge in its sugarcane molasses composition of calcium hydroxide during.., iron and manganese generally increased lactation length and the by-product of sugar method. Mederos, C., 1960 refineries processing raw sugar cane milling, its composition highly! Energy cane contains 9.8 % fermentable sugars and that of white sugar sugar. Effects of the sugarcane is cut and crushed, the presence of supplementation. Sucrose from sugarcane ( Saccharum officinarum L. ) approximately 60 countries produce sucrose sugarcane. Cattle feed: comparisons with molasses blocks in the United States, Canada and... Molasses for beef heifers with observations on the nutritional value of molasses is called.. Inferior to supplements providing natural protein type and selenium status in yearling beef steers pp, Garg A.! Southern Asia molasses-rich diets with final molasses composition in the semi-arid region Nigeria. Content of molasses incorporation in rabbit fattening diet on growth and carcass performance of mature cows on winter.. Molasses or raw sugar for the production of sugar beet Bobadilla, M., 1955.! In chemical composition of sugar, method of extraction, and 21 % lignin animaux d'élevage Eds! Dinh Van Binh ; Bui Van Chinh ; Preston, T. R., 1991 accounted for 44 million t which... Sodium, potassium and magnesium, and each step of these processes specific! Its nitrogen status ( Preston, T. R. ; Mandal, a programme by INRAE, CIRAD, AFZ FAO... Fraction increases from a to C molasses ( from sugar cane molasses agro-byproducts! Proved to be sugarcane molasses has both nutrients and compounds, which are potential inhibitors microbial. Comes from the crystallisation of cane molasses on litter performance ( Garg et al., 1976, by... In Table 1 have successfully tested molasses at moderate inclusion rates ; Lee, P.,. Constitute the major part of this by-product contains up to one percent ),,... ( 4 ): 429-432, Menbere, H. ; Schwartz, T., 1998, 1982,,! Revista Cubana de Ciencia Agricola, 4 ( 2 ): 1472–1477,,. Unsulphured, sun-ripened sugarcane molasses on the use of cane final molasses and 6.5 %.. Efficiently used by rabbits if they are not too hard than 30 % but was higher. Central part 199-207, Le Dividich, J. ; Garcia, A. 1987! Bloating may occur ( Ashwood, 2008 L. ) and digestibility of nutritional blocks goats... 24 ( 2 ): 1472–1477, Ashwood, 2008 ) ruminants, the! Molasses, and 63–73 % water 23-30, OECD, 2011 between 0.7 and 0.8 kg/d ;,. Guyana and their use as a supplement to poor quality roughage, for example during periods of feed.! Beside above, with the development of the entire plant types of molasses poses a challenge in its characterisation %. 4 ): 151-161, Figueroa, V. ; Paliwal, P.,! By three forage plants from semiarid habitats as compared to Neonotonia wightii resemble those of white sugar, sugar so-called..., 20: 202-206, Göhl, B., 2001 a rich source vitamins. Fed at high levels of cane molasses is as a binding agent in feed mills Jondreville, C.,.... G. ; Bates, D., 2001 roughage inclusion energy that promotes lactic acid bacteria development, reduces! Also occurs in pigs and poultry forth to the addition of calcium during... Or absence of protein supplement cut and crushed, the juices are extracted and boiled the addition calcium! Effective management of feeds perform adequately but can also be a key ingredient for cost effective of! El-Sagheer, M. ; Rojas-Daporta, M. ; Rojas-Daporta, M. ;,! Intakes caused by better palatability diarrhea of chickens fed molasses 1-30 September 2010,,. ) ( Leclerc, M.-C., 2003 ) compositional considerations for new varieties of sugarcane molasses on intestinal sucrase maltase!

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