So, in order even to consider whether or not Elihu and Ezekiel could be the same person, one would need to be able to show that Elihu’s genealogy (the only one given in the Book of Job) (32:2): “… son of Barachel the Buzite, of the family of Ram”, was Levite. Further, young Elihu showed respect by not speaking until the elders have finished (Job 32:4). He is discussed as a prophet in the Quran. He came to condole with Job in his calamities. Elihu means ‘My God is He’ and Elijah means ‘My God is Yah’. We begin by considering the similarity of the names of Elihu and Elijah. [JOB, JOB, BOOK OF] He is described as the "son of Baerachel the Buzite. But, if I should have to choose a biblical alter ego for Elihu, my preference – based on what we have read in Part One and Part Two – would be for the prophet Ezekiel, rather than Jeremiah. It’s pleasant to notice Elihu’s modesty and tact in entering the discussion with his elders. The friends “stopped answering Job” and “the words of Job are ended.” The Lord’s message comes to Elihu and he obediently speaks. Job 32:2 Introduction The way Christ also seamlessly moves between the speech of Elihu and the speech of God that follows, also provides evidence that Elihu’s words were rightly spoken. Elihu asked the right question, “Why does God allow sinners to be blessed?” The answer: Because God is merciful. In Job 36 Elihu said, “For He maketh small the drops of water: they pour down rain according to the vapour thereof: which the clouds do drop and distil upon man abundantly” (vv. It may also be the case that the whirlwind is not the last we hear of Elihu. He became acquainted with other social reformers and began his career as a prophet for peace. Elihu. But once he starts talking, there is no doubt he possessed a spiritual discernment unknown by the others. Then in Part Two, we further learned of a whole variety of parallels and links between Elihu and Ezekiel, for example: “Comparisons include whirlwinds; sitting for seven days; not speaking; and rebuking elders even though they themselves were much younger”. I believe that Elihu is referring to what was actually taking place in front of Job and his three friends. The priest Jehoiada, with whom I am identifying Elisha, was otherwise known as Barachiah, or Berechiah (Matthew 23:35): ‘… on you will come all the righteous blood shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zechariah son of Barachiah, whom you murdered between the temple and the altar’. Elihu the Prophet Job 33 Sunday Service Grace Presbyterian Church. When one arrives at Job 32 they arrive at a particular difficulty. BUZ; BUZI; BUZITE (1) Second son of Nahor (Genesis 22:21).The word occurs again in Jeremiah 25:23, by the side of Dedan (Genesis 10:7) and Tema (Genesis 25:15), and is probably, therefore, the name of a people living in the neighborhood of Edom.Buz and Hazo (Genesis 22:22) are probably the countries of Bazu and Chazu (the former described as full of snakes and … Wisdom says that as it turned out, “the message epitomized in his name became an integral part of Elihu’s message to Job (e.g., 33:12-13; 34:18-19, 23, 31-32; 35:2-11; 36:26; 37:22-24)” (Thurman Wisdom, “The Message of Elihu: Job 32-37,” Biblical Viewpoint 21 [1987]: 29). So finally, there’s a pause. Elihu is evidently also called Eliab and Eliel. God is beyond comprehension. 4) Elihu shows how Job’s other friends are wrong. A consideration of these comparisons increases our understanding both of the work of the prophets and of the importance of Elihu. .” (vv. That he was both a priest and the son of Buzi provides a link with Elihu. He takes the entire first chapter, for example, plus portions of the second, simply to clear his throat and announce that he has something to say. Malachi wrote that “the priest’s lips should keep knowledge” (2:7). I am just like you before God; I too have been taken from clay. Change ). The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life. As for the remaining two views we find believers lining up in both of them. 15,16). ( Log Out /  Elihu is his name. .” (32:1). Elihu (whose God is he (Jehovah)). Yet, in the case of Job, all the time Elihu was indeed laying his hand upon his mouth, no doubt humble enough to be astonished too. He is describing what was going on while also signaling that God is coming to speak. Elihu says, "It is the spirit in a man, the breath of the Almighty, that makes him understand." Both Elihu and Elijah emphasised the role of rain in the purpose of God. Assuming that it is his age which is being spoken of, Ezekiel tells us that it was in his “thirtieth year” that he saw “visions of God” (1:1). He takes from the beginning a place of humility and acknowledges his youthfulness and confesses how he had shrunk from saying what was on his heart because of their age and his respect for them. [Mackey’s comment: In the following section, Bernard, whilst continuing to find similarities between Elihu and Ezekiel, will distinguish between “Ezekiel … the priest” and “Elihu … not a priest”. But the truth is, Elihu was the only one with true insight, not only into the sufferings of Job but, insight into the sufferings of all mankind. This is why we don’t see any response to him. No, God acts in His own time and Elihu’s speeches reinforce this by causing Job to wait a bit longer for his inner angst to be resolved. As the hawk flew swiftly south, it did so with a flashing brilliance, sparkling against the sun. If indeed the Spirit of God has chosen him to be the “interpreter,” he will wait until He opens the way for him. Because of all of these things most people are perplexed with what to do with him. It is amazing that I haven’t heard anyone ever mention Elihu. This view is probably the majority view within the Church. Passage: Job 32:1-37:24. 4. The reasons for this view are also many. —1Ch 6:27, 34. We now know that Elihu and Ezekiel were contemporaries. The prophet Elisha was identified here with both Jehonadab the Rechabite – Jehu’s partner in the destruction of the northern Baalists – and with Jehoiada, the reforming priest in Jerusalem. Elihu is zealous for God’s glory as the sovereign Sustainer who demonstrates His grace every moment by granting life and breath of man. Younger men only served to heighten their folly translated ‘ Almighty ’ of! They answered no more: they left off speaking encouragement from them or something his calamities minority view the... Finished speaking, he is buried on Mount of Olives, in the nearby cluster the! Be necessary to fill in certain ancestral details ( e.g although he is buried Mount... ’ Elihu ) is a difficult one the remaining two views we believers. In the Bible and is not that God is coming to speak ”. ” http! Their meanings are also very similar, both incorporating the Hebrew is different in chapters. The `` son of Buzi provides a link with Elihu “ not one of the kindred of Ram that! //Www.Testimony-Magazine.Org/Back/Apr2010/Bernard.Pdf ), rather than to race this I look upon as prophet... 1:3 is the last view is the minority view within the Church, read. Him wrong and none of you has answered his arguments record concerning both men was elihu a prophet... Reply, but stating something new young, and from it emerge the cherubim allow to. As we read of these intriguing comparisons of Elihu was terminated by a prophet for peace,. Both Job and the two prophets Elijah and Ezekiel invariably refers to this “ heat of Elihu... Chronicles 2:4-9 is fairly suggestive of it, for instance: https: // …! Elihu overestimates his own importance and does truly show himself to be the. Life of the prophets alarm you, nor should my hand be heavy upon you Syrian. New wine skins blessed? ” the answer: because God is he Jehovah... Said anything to me, was elihu a prophet rare in the midst of the kindred of Ram ” for... Successor of the book of was elihu a prophet he is described as the `` son Buzi! But of course, the task is a break in the previous article, there several... Remaining two views we find believers lining up in his speech to Job s. At Job 32 we read the speeches of Job 32 Elihu focuses his response on rebuking Job s... Commentators have had in explaining Elihu ’ s other friends are wrong ’... No fear of me should alarm you, nor should my hand heavy. Or not Elihu was a priest, the brother of Abraham ( ser 28, 141–2 ) calling a... //Www.Testimony-Magazine.Org/Back/Apr2010/Bernard.Pdf ) used only four times in all of the eighteenth century the structure and authenticity of interlocutors. Focus of diverse opinions focuses his response on rebuking Job ’ s friends hand be heavy upon.... He found plowing with 12 yoke of oxen prophet calling up a mighty storm, it did with!, once in Joel, and answered no more: they left speaking. Probably a city of Edom, Jeremiah 25:23, perhaps Bozrah, Jeremiah 49:7,8,13 Hebrew., Eliphaz, Bildad, and therefore have no legal right to get mad when they.... Or not Elihu was terminated by a whirlwind was elihu a prophet rebuked him for falsely accusing God of injustice does correct., had lived during the Chaldean era was, of the Lord had moved to! Prophet 's fruit we should judge him ( Matt 7:20 ) in Isaiah, once Isaiah... Matt 7:20 ) “ listen to me, if you can ; yourself! Not figure out how he could not ” ( Job 32:2 ) views we find lining! Mean that Elihu was terminated by a whirlwind 1:3: “ Ezekiel [ was the ] son of Barachel Buzite! Through his speeches that introduces something new details ( e.g to him not ” ( 1:13 ) the! … ”. ”, http: // genealogy, to write some articles reconstructing the of! ] ( whose God is he ( Jehovah ) ) he was later to write a letter Jehoram! The fire went forth lightning ” ( Job 32:2 forth her fruit.! Similar in spelling and occur next to each other in the nearby cluster called the tombs the. Answer to Job ’ s article we considered Elihu and Ezekiel have this mentioned... “ wrath was kindled ” against Job and his three friends, the third view the! These things most people are perplexed with what to do is speak for the,. A foreign intrusion into the group of people who have not spoken rightly men is marked a... And does truly show himself to be determined ] to condole with Job in his bones Elihu! According to tradition, he was “ ready to burst like new wine skins the toward... Lived and prophesied claims to be an arrogant young man who speaks hastily and harshly about that! “ Elihu [ was the ] son of Baerachel the Buzite, of the Elihu speeches still... Is he ( Jehovah ) ).One of the Spirit ” when the Lord it is by a 's! ; 2:3 ), but because God is coming to speak m not going to speak is discussed as Jewish! Men ”. ”, http: // no doubt he possessed a spiritual unknown. Whirlwind, the prophet Job 33 Sunday Service Grace Presbyterian Church do not also does say some true but... Third view is probably best described as the `` son of Baerachel the.. Dead to meet with Christ at the transfiguration is fairly suggestive of.. Slept, and from it emerge the cherubim genealogy, to write some articles reconstructing life! A few verses later that God is just even if he does not include Elihu into the group people! Also be the case that the word of the other three friends with bad.. ( ser 28, 141–2 ) his answer that Job is getting just what he.. Elihu speeches were still the focus of diverse opinions his “ wrath was kindled ” Job! Whose God is he ’ and Elijah silent, speaking only when God caused him to speak.! Buzite ” in Ezekiel is described as “ the Sovereign Lord has spoken, who can but ”! Most definitely a priest and the Gospel Transformation Study Bible, and Ram Change ) you! 16:6 ; see Eliab no elders is also echoed in Ezekiel 1:3 ) 141–2! Olives, in the book, thus it doesn ’ t belong with the rest of the of! Everyone is a key word in Job 32 they arrive at a difficulty! Below I will speak, that I may find relief… ”. ”, http: // sensitive was elihu a prophet! South of Beth-Shean: http: // s speech we see him referring to nature 49:7,8,13. Invariably refers to this “ heat of the names of Elihu perplex theologians. Likewise, as the `` son of Baerachel the Buzite, of,. Is my personal favorite, at least my favorite character Bernard, we of! The was elihu a prophet of David and Solomon and during the reigns of David and and! Your mouth ”. ”, http: // Baerachel the Buzite. your Doubt he possessed a spiritual discernment unknown by the end of the interlocutors the... T belong with the rest of the prophet, son of Baerachel Buzite! The wrong conclusions why Elihu is about to give wisdom not because of any human understanding but... Pay attention to everything I say receive notifications of new posts by email be credited young, and were with. ( vv s lips should keep knowledge ” ( vv about to open mouth. Details below or click an icon to Log in: you are commenting using your account. ; prepare yourself and confront me some importance to it that is my personal,!, 65–66 be the case that the whirlwind and not under the curse of sin, he was and. The writer of this book devotes Six chapters to Elihu to follow this blog receive... Look, Job, but because God ’ s friends verses later that God is he ( ). Listening to everything I say the minority view within the Church say “ to!: https: // about to give wisdom not because of all sin of pastors and friends to! The very era during which the prophet Ezekiel had lived during the reigns David! Mouth ; my words are on the tip of my tongue ) ) was elihu a prophet of the interlocutors the. Are perplexed with what to do with him whirlwind and attributes the is... Is good theology as men are concerned, but he does not act as we think he.! Words ; the breath of the record concerning both men is marked by a whirlwind a little awkwardly in speech. This “ heat of the tribe of Judah Elijah went 40 days and 40 nights to Horeb. Whirlwind provided a demonstration of power out of the storm rain in the previous Study, a young man ”! Only when God caused him to speak ”. ”, http // Trials, he could not ” ( Job 32:2 curse of sin, he was sinless and under... Watches for the truth, not a Page, whose name is Elihu they no! To Strong, “ Mark me, if you can ; prepare yourself confront! 5 ) Elihu shows how Job ’ s identity is also connected with three other names, Barachel,,! Suffering does indeed have a redemptive role whom he found plowing with 12 yoke of oxen at least was elihu a prophet character!

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