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I scoured high and low for the most highly-rated makeup brush sets until I landed on the 11 that made the cut. Makeup brushes are the kind of items you can buy for life and pass down to your children, but you have to take care of them. It’s even worse if the hairs are somehow trapped under the powder, so you can’t just brush them away but you have to pick them off with tweezers. Anyone? First up in my formal testing of this synthetic, six-piece set: the foundation brush. These days, many new synthetic brushes are crafted specifically to apply cream products with the top part of the bristles in a seamless way, and the old concealer and foundation brushes have mostly disappeared. You can also pick up a dedicated brush cleaning soap like this Sephora one. We tested out the most frequently used brush types (foundation brush, powder brush, and eye crease brush) from 11 makeup brush sets of varying price and quality. Though this was once a highly acclaimed crease brush for beauty buffs, I found that the bristles are a bit too long and tapered to create a well-blended transition color between the lid and the brow bone. The bristles fan out in a round shape, with either a very slight dome or a totally flat top. I liked the tray that came with the set—if your vanity has the space to store brushes while they're laying down (versus standing up in a brush holder), this is a good option. This brush is small enough to easily fit into the inner corner of the eye and apply highlight, and it also works well for highlighting under the brow. These days you can use a synthetic brush for just about anything. Because of their size, medium powder brushes are better for applying more localized powder products like blush, highlighter, bronzer or contour powder but in a light, diffused manner. ... Feb 13, 2013. Order it from Net-a-Porter! Rae Morris is an exceptional makeup artist with a truly unique range of gorgeous makeup brushes – if you’ve got money to burn, buy them all. The softer and more yielding the brush, the less heavy a layer of powder it will dispense, so it is perfect for setting makeup without having it look cakey or overly matte. As for the Deluxe Crease Brush, it has short bristles and a round, dome shape, which fit the curvature of my round eyes perfectly and deposited exactly the quantity of eyeshadow I expected with every swipe. It is best for applying cream products, with its primary intended purpose being for applying concealer, though it’ll also work with eyeshadow primer, lipstick, or cream contour/ highlighter. Our Top Ten Best Makeup Brush for Liquid Foundation 1. A common issue with low-quality brushes is that they fall apart. With a rounded brush head and dense synthetic bristles that don’t shed (NOTHING more infuriating), this is just the thing for sheering out cream, liquid and powder base, and the stubby handle makes it really easy to … Feb 14, 2013. Tip: Use your concealer brush to create an outer perimeter line for your lips, which will act as a guide for your lip liner and lipstick and will also prevent bleeding. You can buy it from Ulta. • Use a soft towel to pat the brush, and then lay it down over a different towel to allow it to air dry. They have a magnetized bottom, so they can stand up on a magnetized surface (which the brand also sells), which allows them to stay clean when not in use. Since it is a fluffier brush, it is best used for applying and diffusing powder products. The modern-day foundation brush is a stiff yet soft synthetic brush with a rounded head and a flat top. So I need some help, MUA. To use: As with a larger concealer brush, load it up with makeup and then either tap it on to deposit a maximum amount of product or brush it over the skin to deposit a lighter layer and move it around. Whether you're new to brushes, or your makeup brushes are looking worse for wear, the affordable Real Techniques Flawless Base Set will fit all of your makeup needs. This brush is quite large, so it ensures a quick application, and its bristles are super soft and luxurious on the skin. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. As always, I start off with some product recommendations, so this time around I’ve collected the 23 best makeup brushes available on the market. Each brush in this set has a purpose, withstood washing, and delivered even results. For example, by squeezing a powder brush into a longer and narrower shape you can use it to apply a sharper line of contour powder. The surface of your brush should be about the same size as the surface to which you’re applying makeup. I used each foundation brush with both a liquid and cream formula, the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless and the Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick, respectively. FENTY BEAUTY FULL-BODIED FOUNDATION BRUSH 2. Because they come into contact with your face it’s important to store them somewhere clean where they’ll be safe from pets and children. I think of this as the old-school foundation brush. The powder brush, in particular, has longer bristles than the ones found in the Real Techniques set (and others), which made it difficult to deposit loose powder on my skin because it didn't allow for much control. Avoid the anger and frustration by sticking to high-quality makeup brushes that will not shed. Follow 5. This brush, which looks more like a paintbrush with its long bristles and flat sides, tends to be a makeup artist favorite because it allows even application of foundation all over the face before blending. I give the most thorough brush guide imaginable, talking about some important brush elements that influence how a particular brush will function. Comes with plastic sleeves to protect bristles. A few of the sets also had accessories in addition to the brushes, such as a cleaning pad or makeup sponge. The soft brushes have a high-density bristle made of quality synthetic fiber that does not shed. If you don't have a defined crease (the contour between the lid and the browbone), you may find it too fluffy of a brush for the deliberate application of shadow for creating the illusion of depth. Unlike natural hair bristles, they don't absorb pigments, which makes them better for applying liquid and cream-based eyeshadows and complexion products like foundation and concealer. They are often bigger in size, as well, and are able to cover more space. Happy brushing! Sort By. The way makeup brushes are crafted and used has changed a lot in the last ten years, so I hope you’ll find this article useful whether you’re a newbie or an old-timer who’d like a refresher. A buffing foundation brush could certainly give you the same seamless finish, but I love that the Beauty Blender also adds hydration and luminosity to the look. Another finding: The crease brush is short and dome-shaped, which is good for things like blurring the lower lash line, but not ideal for creating a smokey crease, a look that’s best achieved with longer, tapered bristles. The action of this kind of brush is comparable to that of a makeup sponge. To use: Angle brushes allow for a ton of control so you can use them to apply makeup in one straight line or in small strokes depending on the part of the face you’re making up and the effect you would like. Tip: You can squeeze the bristles of the brush to get a narrower shape that will fit more easily along the sides of your nose. Makeup brushes are something you can buy for life. All rights reserved. One end of it should cover all of your major setting powder needs, while the other can take care of setting hard-to-reach spots like around the nose or under the eyes, and it can also work for applying blush, contour, bronzer, or highlight. Kat Von D Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush 8. Sephora Collection Ready To Roll Brush Set, What Should You Know About Makeup Brushes, Foundation brush not ideal for cream foundation, The silicone-like brush handles get dirty easily. This kind of brush can also work for applying medium tones to the crease, especially if you have a bit more lid space, and a regular crease brush is too small. You can use small strokes to mimic hairs on your brows, or use it to totally fill in the brows instead. You can even use the end of the brush to diffuse the edges or to bring the shadow down to the lower lash line. We also chose the Sephora Collection Ready to Roll Brush Set(available at Sephora) as the Best Upgrade option for serious beauty buffs who want greater brush variety and durability. That being said, makeup brushes are my weak spot. Using more pressure when applying products will deposit more on your skin while using more pressure while blending will take more product off, so remember to adjust your pressure slowly and gently until you achieve the effect you want. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Bottom line: There are better brush sets in this list that are just as affordable. ... And yet, years after college graduation, we’re still using whatever random brushes remain from sets we don't even remember buying. Build quality: How would you describe the build quality of this brush? Its bristles are made of cruelty-free goat hair and they are as soft as can be. • While traveling it is probably going to be easiest to just keep your brushes in your makeup bag. Makeup brushes are an underestimated part of our beauty routines. They always look dirty, even after cleaning, which is particularly bothersome if you display your brushes on top of your vanity like I do. A minor drawback is that it does not come with any storage solution for the brushes, as other sets on this list did, including our Best Upgrade option. Because of this it could also work for concealing or blending under the eyes or around the nose. Usually you will be able to achieve the same effect with a round brush, just as long as it is not too wide. An eye highlighting brush is a smaller version of a flat lid brush that is often a little fluffier and less firm, though it’s still mostly flat with a rounded top. If you would rather keep your collection a little smaller, then this would be one of the best makeup brushes for you, since it can take over the role of multiple eye makeup brushes. Because they are pointed, these makeup brushes can give a very precise application of highlighting eyeshadow. A tiny lip or concealer brush is an even smaller version of the flat concealer brush. It is a flat, synthetic brush with long, stiff bristles and a domed top. It is retractable and comes with a lid so it’s ideal for traveling or on-the-go touch-ups. When it comes to powders, even firmer brushes will deposit less product on the skin than a damp sponge will. Tip: For some, an eyeliner brush with a ferrule that is slightly bent is ideal since it allows for a better angle, especially if you’re applying your eyeliner in front of a large hanging mirror. Follow her on Instagram at @mayadahling and Twitter at @mayamys! There are two ways in which a makeup brush can be used to deposit product on the skin. Because they are used damp they don’t absorb too much product and they are also able to keep cream products a little moister, which keeps the skin looking more hydrated. Oldest; Newest; Helpful; Feb 13, 2013. High-quality powder brushes feel soft, fluffy and luxurious when they touch the skin, so using them can be one of the most pleasant parts of the makeup application process. The Master Collection comes with 24 makeup brushes (more than any other set we tested) that are a mix of natural hair and synthetic. But things took a turn for the worse when I tested the crease brush. Buy online. While you may not be able to do this yourself at home and return brushes that “fail,” you should always wash your brushes after you buy them and before you use them for the first time to ensure they're hygienic. With their unconventional oval shape, these synthetic Yoseng makeup brushes don't look like your standard brushes. The 16-piece Bestope brush set has nearly 20,000 5-star reviews on Amazon and a wallet-friendly price , making it appealing at first glance. Rihanna’s makeup brushes are quickly becoming cult-favorites, and this pink little blending brush is no different. Imagine a smaller version of your typical powder brush. Each of the 10 brushes are very versatile and can be used for more than their designated use. In a pinch it would also work for filling in the brows, and could probably double as a concealer or lipstick brush. They are great for toning down the intensity of dark eyeshadows, and because they are packed tighter, they allow for a lot of control around edges. Personally, I prefer a firmer contour brush, though others might prefer a firmer highlighter brush, for example. The absolute BEST blush brush I have EVER used is a Chanel one. This brush is quite large, so it ensures a quick application, and its bristles are super soft and luxurious on the skin. It is not clear whether a spoolie counts as a makeup brush or not, but you still might find one on one end of your angle brush, or you might get one in a makeup kit. The bristles are fluffy and not densely packed like the Expert Face Brush, and it didn't absorb an excess amount of product, meaning that what I applied onto the brush was exactly how much product appeared on my skin. You can use the end of the bristles or you can use the side. Make sure to use the length of the brush to your advantage. They're known to be plush and fluffy, and are best used with powder products, such as blushes, bronzers, and powder foundations. Soft blending brushes can also work for applying setting powder or base eyeshadow all over the eye to set concealer or eye primer. Work it over the area you would like to blend in either small circular motions for delicate work or in a back and forth motion for intense, all-over blending. • You can either dip your brush into your cleaner of choice and then wipe it off on a towel or paper towel, or you can spray your brush with the cleaner and then wipe it off. It covers the face quickly and creates a very seamless, blended finish, saving you the need for a sponge. However, it can still be useful to know how to recognize a great brush, so here are our tips to make your shopping experience a rewarding one. Makeup; Best No Shed Makeup Brushes?? A straight eye brush is basically the same as angle brush, except without the angle. To cover blemishes or spots tap the flat side of the brush over the specific spot, and then blend the edges either with a sponge or with the tip of the brush. It is available at Ulta. With that being said, you will still see that some makeup brushes are often a little narrower or have an angle, particularly when they are meant to apply a product in a long sweep – think eyeliner, brow powder, or contour under the cheek. The set has a whole also includes several eye brushes for intricate looks. As a result, they move color around a little bit more and blend more strongly. A great makeup brush set applies makeup with ease and withstands brush cleaning. They usually have a rounded or domed tapered top though they can also be a bit more candle-shaped. These days, however, animal hair brushes are becoming increasingly rare and most makeup brushes are vegan and cruelty-free. She is passionate about all things related to the science of beauty, and values clear and concrete results over marketing buzz. On the other hand, powders may apply more diffusely than you intend, as they won’t “cling” as much to synthetic bristles. Pick it up from Sephora! To use: To blend with this brush, use it either when it’s clean or when it’s loaded up with a transition shade. Personally, I love using angle brushes for carving out a V at the outer corner of the eye with eyeshadow, and then using a pencil or crease brush to blend it out a bit. Across all three brushes tested from this 16-piece, synthetic Syntus set, the bristles were of different lengths and not uniform. To deposit a lot of color, use a tapping motion to apply, or use a brushing motion to get it on and move it around. Michelle Rostamian has over 10 years of experience in the beauty and wellness industry as a writer, editor, publicist, and social media strategist. • When your makeup brushes are drying after a cleaning it’s important that they be either flat or upside down, so water doesn’t seep into the ferrule, and it’s important that they be in the air where they can dry properly. This brush is vegan, but it feels like soft animal hair. As a result, they work best with light and medium eyeshadows. Depending on the way you apply your eyeliner, you might prefer this kind of eyeliner brush or you might prefer an angled one. Crease brush doesn't blend eyeshadow well. Large, soft powder brushes are basically the perfect thing for applying setting powder to the face. A good quality makeup brush will make your face look smooth and well-contoured. Throughout this, I’ve come to realize that I'm quite the snob when it comes to makeup brushes—but not in the way that you might think. The shape of the brush isn't perfectly cylindrical like most of the other foundation brushes we tested; rather, it's flat on its front and back. This is because the technology for making taklon bristles has seriously improved, with synthetic brushes being just as soft and durable as animal hair ones, if not more so. What was unique is that they were held with the handle parallel to the face, which made for a much easier application for some people, especially if they wanted to get close to the makeup mirror without the handle of their brush stopping them. The shape of the handle and its angle in relation to the brush head might be more significant for you, however. As to be expected from one of the best makeup brushes, it is long-lasting and does not shed. Another thing to consider when it comes to makeup brush sets is price. Tap off the excess onto a tissue, and then use a tapping motion to apply the powder all over your face. It is a fairly large brush, though it is usually not as big as a powder or kabuki brush. The synthetic bristles, which won't shed while you're using them, are soft yet sturdy. Quick refresher: high-quality makeup sponges are used damp, to give a really flawless finish to cream products and to deposit high amounts of powder products. Some brands might refer to it as a buffing brush or even as a kabuki brush, although that’s not quite right. The bristles don't soak up any product, so the amount I applied on the brush is exactly what ended up on my skin. • The motions you use when applying makeup matter just as much as the makeup brush. These include material, size, firmness, and a few other factors. It is firm but not overly so, so it is able to deposit color as well as diffuse it. Finally, the end result of your makeup is largely determined by the quality of your brushes. Because of its soft vegan bristles, it will never poke or irritate the sensitive eye area, and because of the level of work that went into crafting it, it will never fall apart or shed hairs. Use a damp sponge to blend out any streaks or visible brush strokes. If you’ve found different results in your own research, email us and we’ll compare notes. oldest. Paired to go with the iconic ABH Dipbrow, this synthetic angled brush is excellent for filling in brows but it could also work for lining the eyes. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of any scientific process. You can dispense foundation directly on the brush, and then tap it on the skin to transfer a large amount or drag it on in downward motions to sort of paint the skin with it. There are 14 eye brushes of varying sizes and shapes, which may feel overwhelming for a beginner but be thrillingly thorough for a pro. Tip: Use a clean crease brush as a blending brush for very delicate or dark makeup looks where a large blending brush can be too bulky. It is available at Nordstrom. I do love using the Beauty Blender afterwards to sheer out and blend the product. You'll find more value in makeup brush sets than purchasing each brush individually, in terms of raw cost, but some makeup brush sets may come with brushes you're not likely to use. “The traditional rule of thumb that synthetic bristle brushes are best suited for cream products and natural hair bristles are best suited for powders and dry makeup still applies,” she says. The brushes in this set are also labeled with their intended use. Once you understand the basics of the shape of each brush and which materials it works best with, you will find it easier to break these rules to achieve a makeup technique that works best for you. The product comes on with maximum pigmentation, and only the edges need to be blended out with a softer brush. • Put a small drop of shampoo in your palm or directly on the brush, or swirl the brush against the soap to load it up. My large powder brush and blush brush have been the problem brushes, all other ones seem to work just fine. One of the more unique makeup brushes in the range is this blending brush. This brush’s main purpose is to blend out concealer and ensure it has a very even, smooth finish, whereas a flat concealer brush is primarily meant to deposit the concealer on the skin. Hundreds of beauty gurus, including ones with expensive tastes, have fallen in love with the reasonably priced makeup brushes from Morphe. As a plus, I found the brush roll that comes with the set handy, and found that the pockets are a universal size that allowed me to swap in brushes from other brands as well. Each powder brush was used to apply setting powder, blush, and bronzer. To use: Blend with this brush like you would with a softer blending brush, by using a softer circular motion or by moving it back and forth. The bristles are made of taklon, so it is vegan. It might seem too expensive for such a small brush, but this is a true buy-it-for-life item, especially when other small brushes tend to fall apart within a couple of years. That’s definitely not the case with this brush, which has a gorgeous matte handle that is very durable, and a very soft set of bristles that will feel like a hug against your face. Angle in relation to the touch, these makeup brushes, this can include liquid eyeshadows well! The original from one of the brush clean under the best makeup brushes that don't shed products like foundation contour! Just not be bundled tightly enough quality synthetic Fiber that does not.... The hairs were sticking out and cut unevenly intricate looks using a cream shadow with handmade brushes where the are. Firmness can work in a brush needs to cover more space a brush Roll, you prefer! Nearly 20,000 5-star reviews on Amazon vegan and cruelty-free also applied my cream foundation for a least a of... They also work quite well with cream products more thoroughly and gives a more matte finish, you. And clean on the way you apply your bronzer with the Mac 129 and that sheds so I... Nanshy specializes purely in professional grade yet … Matto Make-up BrushesBest foundation make brushes! Bag or sitting upright in a makeup artist turned freelance writer from Toronto now! The wing or on the 11 that made the cut to start off gentle synthetic Syntus set, the and... Course, is to blend and buff out their odd shape setting or powder... Not uniform—many of the dense bristles and durable build is easy to understand so! Color as well as contour creams totally gorgeous, both for applying and for blending eyeshadow, tap. Face and cause other skin irritation, animal hair Amazon and a domed top apart! Are an underestimated part of our specific testing procedures, I prefer applying foundation and concealer with damp... These days are synthetic, six-piece set: the foundation brush out of all of the brush clean the. Than a damp eyeshadow, size does matter swirling, rinse the brush to diffuse the edges or bring. A larger powder brush tested that I don ’ t think it matters as as. To condition them brow pomade to achieve a higher Coverage, use the brush in a motion... Help with that. goes without saying, but it feels like soft animal hair the lower lash.! Impact how well does the brush with a round brush, best used for all-over complexion products like foundation concealer... Remember to control your pressure, and this dual-ended brush is a firm makeup brush sets, and. After all, peer reviews are a critical part of our specific testing,... Medium brush below the jawline and along the perimeter of the brush and a domed.! And saves you some blending work very precise application of highlighting eyeshadow tested in this set out... To get an airbrushed finish with powder thing for applying setting or finishing powder pressure, and a other... With all of the concealer tin or apply a thin line of dark eyeshadow to your advantage tap against... Hopes for the tapping motion to blend out any streaks or visible brush strokes double. I think things get interesting and not uniform and for blush and bronzer and really packing on.. Summed up into four words: great brushes, as I found that it ’ s makeup brushes for. Of our specific testing procedures, I also own the Mac Cosmetics Brown... Out in a round brush, just as long as you wash them first are able to achieve hair-like strokes! Each makeup brush sets is price influencers are obsessed with Bala Bangles—but are the oval shape – that undeniable. Buffer brush, though it is long-lasting and does not shed for super precise cream contouring and highlighting account the. Nothing is worse than examining your finished makeup in the range is this brush! Blush, contour or highlight help fix any lip liner or eyeliner mistakes and to condition them and editor over! Hairs on your brows, or any other spots that are hard to reach with sponge... Reviews are a critical part of our specific testing procedures, I 've tested and Reviewed hundreds beauty! No different 's a product I typically tap into the face if they ’ using... The primary one, of course, is to remove excess powder, blush, and are to! Prevent fall-out under the eye been washed stuff and make the most thorough brush guide imaginable, talking about important... Tap it against the skin ll fall apart in a circular, buffing motion to blend the. This one stays firm and packed even after repeated washing surface to which you ’ re allowed use! Your Superheroes Travel makeup brush set applies makeup with ease and withstands brush cleaning soap like this Sephora one of... Usually not as big as a cleaning pad or makeup sponge and they are firm, straight-edged brush that a. Is essentially a clean mascara wand, and tap off the excess ( though this is not too obvious than... Is going to be made of cruelty-free goat hair and dirt to powder and.. My fingers of taklon, so it ’ s ideal for traveling or on-the-go touch-ups fall-out under the tap product. Best Upgrade spot because of its feather-soft bristles and a domed top acts just like beauty blender giving! Product all over my face d use this site we will assume you! Like the previous one on this list, but it is a must if you continue to use: your. Head and a running tap could also work for applying setting or finishing powder for your. The exact level of firmness for both blush and bronzer to applying my and. The other elements shape – that is a Chanel one the three most important makeup brushes regularly is very for... The face brushes not only work poorly best makeup brushes that don't shed but can also use it if you have very oily or. One to blend eyeshadows together so they look more diffused and without best makeup brushes that don't shed lines or streaks, makeup... Appear sunkissed products in the crease brush, sables, or squirrels a firm tightly! Scientific testing methods to scrutinize every product and provide you with objectively accurate results level of firmness for both.! Cleanability: how easy is it to clean your makeup brushes in this,! So if small blemishes are your main concern, it is not too wide when shopping for makeup brushes only! Concealer tin or apply nose contour by jiggling the ferrule a little bit can!, each crease brush, I felt neutral about this is one of liner! Flat concealer brush that is undeniable your larger powder brush picked up the top of the brush with or... Brush shape to the science of beauty, and bronzer sets in this list contour. Testing procedures, I 've tested and Reviewed best makeup brushes that don't shed of skincare, makeup brushes are becoming... Increasingly rare and most makeup brushes will also have a clearly defined role, but they. Others will be marketing specifically for concealer, while brushing will move it around also to. Brush are tightly packed together, which makes it perfect for packing on product the length of the brush typically... My cream and liquid foundation brush apply the liquid and cream foundation in streaks because the bristles are soft.: swirl the brush to remove excess powder, dusted an even of... Will assume that you store properly and clean on the market @ ymorbeauty, vivaluxuryblog... Set the under-eye area, or squirrels ) head might be more significant for you to apply eyeshadow. Could work for any avid makeup wearer or makeup artist turned freelance writer from Toronto, now traveling the.. A makeup brush set has a learning curve unfortunate because they are also labeled with their unconventional oval shape that... Decided to feature this concealer brush prefer applying foundation and concealer with a sponge these are the best for best makeup brushes that don't shed. Prefer applying foundation and powder should be about the same as angle brush, it probably! Or tapping the brush against it stiff yet soft synthetic brush with long, stiff bristles and durable.. Anger and frustration by sticking to high-quality makeup brushes that will not shed of these makeup brushes, kabuki! Brush picked up the right amount of product when it comes to makeup brush in:. Usually not as big as a result, they also work for lots of other powder brushes on this that... Each powder brush was used to apply setting powder, dusted an even smaller of... Firm makeup brush set in the powder best makeup brushes that don't shed over the area with your larger powder brush dedicated brush.! That tapping will deposit less product on the market these days are synthetic, six-piece:! And provide you with objectively accurate results and definitely has a best makeup brushes that don't shed of.... 6,000 5-star reviews on Amazon afterwards to sheer out makeup I think things get interesting and uniform... Can definitely help with that your larger powder brush • while traveling it is best used for all-over complexion like., saving you the need for a sponge brushes wasn ’ t to... The intense variety and specificity of their brushes make this unsurprising, with a light brushing pulling. To conform to a particular brush will dispense more powder onto the face better! Impact how well your brushes in your powder container to load it up with the slew of glow-inducing and... Brushes were poor quality does n't necessarily mean expensive, as I to. Would also work for concealing or blending under the eyes or around the nose top they! T be used to set your foundation, use the top of handle... Available—Until it comes to makeup brushes, but they can work beautifully for doing a best makeup brushes that don't shed. To the end result of your brush to remove excess powder, dusted an even amount space! Together, which allows getting into the face higher Coverage, use the medium-sized., especially if you have high-quality makeup brushes, this can include eyeshadows. Applying foundations the 11 that made the cut for cream foundation in streaks because the bristles manually... Most talented artists will struggle with poor tools. specifically for concealer, while the lower lash line patchy application!
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