Elijah rolled up his cuffs and welcomed her to try and get it from him. Freya tells Elijah and Klaus that Dahlia is very powerful. Elijah tells him if they cant trust each other. Klaus however thinks the treaty will fail. He wanted them to sort out their differences while Klaus was out of town with Hayley. The next day, Elijah moves Hayley to the Originals old sanctuary and tells her that she's now the most important person in the family, promising her that he'll always protect her. Elijah now understands Freya wants to use Hope as bait. When Elijah is alone with Hayley she asks him if he excluded the werewolves because of her. The brothers head outside the courtyard when Marcel approaches them, saying to Elijah he preferred him inside the box although he hands Sabine over to them, granting them one locator spell to find Hayley. Sophie wants to resurrect her niece by killing Davina and that makes her their most dangerous enemy. When Jackson points out it went off where it was being lucky as no one was killed, Elijah realizes the first bomb was engineered to move everyone closer to the main bigger bombs when they explode. As Elena moves towards him through the door, she stabs him with the white oak ash dagger. Elijah is the first Original to be bitten by a hybrid and the second to be affected by the venom of a werewolf/hybrid. Rebekah leaves them and hides, while Elijah and Klaus are at each other. In Don't It Just Break Your Heart, Elijah told Antoinette how much he enjoyed the feeling of sundown without a daylight ring, and how liberating it was. He also made sure to take care of Hayley every full moon and bring Hope to her. Elijah stands behind her and begins to fasten her zipper and buttons. Fans hoping to get Rebekah Mikaelson back for good after Elijah and Klaus retrieved her body from the bottom of the ocean on The Originals were left disappointed by the show's mid-season … They found him in a tavern where he drank and feasted on humans carelessly. He and Marcel had planned for Marcel to be made the new leader, having an ally now controlling The Strix with an army at their beck and call. Elijah, Klaus and Freya talk. Elijah is quick to defend them saying that Klaus has never demonstrated any kind of concern towards Hayley or the baby other than his own selfish desires, imitating his words "Every king needs an heir". Elijah is unhappy their father is spending his remaining time tormenting his sons. When Sabine has a location, revealing she is in The Bayou, Klaus snorts to Elijah that if he's afraid to ruin his expensive shows, Elijah looks to him and changes his mind that he could do with a decent walk after being inside a coffin. She tells Elijah they should make the best of the time they get to spend together. Elijah was infuriated by the notion that Hayley may have been one of their victims so he killed them all without remorse, making sure to turn Hope's carriage around so she wouldn't see. He also admitted that he'd have to isolate himself from Marcellus to allow Klaus to grow closer to the boy since it would make him a better person. He then looked over the wreckage of their dinner and remembered a similar image in his vision of the prophecy, verifying that the prophecy was still possibly true and looming over them. He wants revenge for Elijah daggering him. "He's stronger than the Mikaelsons. While investigating what was happening with Rebekah, Elijah received a call from Marcel stating that Hayley had been attacked by Shen Min, one of the most dangerous members of The Strix. Klaus daggered Elijah once they arrived at Alaric's apartment, but eventually Elijah was un-daggered by Damon Salvatore. Elijah tells them all they have done is doubt Freya and they need to trust her. Despite Hayley using her own Labonair blood against the Hollow, the Hollow managed to incapacitate her and take the bone, leaving Elijah, Marcel, and Hayley defeated. They hesitated a moment before nodding to one another, preparing themselves for their deaths. He burns the rings and tells Klaus he needs to go grieve with Hayley. Elijah later confronts Klaus, tired of his brothers manipulations behind his back, warning Klaus that from now on he will do what he wants and Klaus can not stop him. Klaus then breaks her neck. Despite their warnings of Mikael's arrival, he refused to flee. She does and while she screams in pain. Hayley tells him she made Freya leave. To copy her magic and lure Dahlia into a trap so he can kill her. But then the other side would be destroyed and even though their brothers Kol and Finn would return, Elijah didn't think that he should give the cure to Klaus, so that Silas could destroy the veil to the other side and put the entire world in danger, so he chose to give it to Rebekah. The Mikaelsons began more aggressively trying to talk Marcel down. However, while Mikael was hard on all his children, he was hardest on Niklaus, whom he saw as weak. However, she was upset when Elijah brought her to a group feed with other vampires he had discovered, explaining that because she was a nightwalker who preferred not to wear a daylight ring and didn't enjoy violently feeding like others, she was a pariah among other vampire groups. Jackson later arrives at the infirmary with Aiden's body. Aurora told him that Klaus had killed Esther and put the blame on Mikael, lying to all of his siblings. But Elijah. When Klaus brushed off Elijah's threats, Elijah offered him a deal, telling him that he would offer to be restored to the brother he knew if he spared Antoinette's life. He plans to make his mother Esther a New Orleans witch so they could use her power to complete The Harvest. Elijah later meets with Hayley at St. James Infirmary. Klaus told Elijah that he was grateful to him for always loving him despite not always deserving it. As a human, he wore more simplistic clothing, along with the other males in his family. To keep his mind off of it. It heightened her aggression and she lashed out at Elijah with fury. Elijah turned down Dominic's proposal and attacked him, holding him on the balcony in display of the whole party. Elijah and Marcel search the building for Klaus and Rebekah. He also acknowledged that Freya's pendant housing Finn's spirit had also been taken. Klaus blames him for involving the witches (their enemy) and sees it as threat to their family. He asked Elijah if he had allowed him to be daggered for 900 years because he was afraid of Klaus. When they realize that something bigger is about to happen, after hearing of Monique Deveraux resurrection, Hayley tells them that Celeste might be the one to die for Davina to resurrect. After a moment of hesitation, Elijah saves Klaus and helps him escape before Stefan and Bonnie could stop them. Elijah could only grudgingly watch things play out as Klaus and Kol joyfully spread violence throughout the city, even slaughtering an entire tenement building for fun. Elijah reminded him that he alone was the only one to always stand by him but he was done carrying him. He admitted that for a time, he believed Marcel was the key to Klaus's redemption but it's been made clear to him that Hope was actually the only one who really could help redeem him; making Marcel obsolete and no longer welcome in their family. After her story. Elijah finds Klaus preparing to stab Rebekah with Papa Tunde's Blade Elijah is forced to stab Klaus to prevent him from stabbing Rebekah. He reminds her of Al Capone's fate. Male He says the devil is in the details and tells her that her home is beautiful and he was glad the preservation society elected to protect it making it public domain so he can come in without invitation. I'll get you a list." She tells him its either her or Klaus. Marcel left with the charter, telling Elijah and Aya to catch him if they could by midnight, otherwise, based on the rules they set, he would be in charge of The Strix. Elijah then decides to go to St. Anne's Church to help Klaus and Mikael. The day after when the witches are trying to kill her baby, Elijah tries to do everything he can to undo it and kills the witches who were responsible. Antoinette explained the ins and outs of being a vampire, and he told her how he didn't remember anything about who he was and the farthest back he could remember was that he just woke up starving on a bus six days prior, with nothing but a vague memory of a man, his daylight ring, cufflinks with the letter E engraved on them, and a mysterious note that said "don't look back". Declan, however, was unaware that the man he was speaking to was Hayley's ex. Elijah did his best to fight them off, through extracting hearts and decapitating the members of his sireline. Even though he was a hallucination in 500 Years of Solitude, Katherine was happy to see him and had shown to have missed him. Klaus starts to doubt Elijah's value in his mission to reclaim his throne from Marcel so he stabs him with the White Oak Ash Dagger, neutralizing him. Rebekah and Elijah are talking, amazed that Stefan, Damon and Caroline are alive. Elijah then brings a bowl, a spoon and a bag of cereal to the counter and smiles sympathetically as he pulls orange juice and milk out of the fridge, pours Hayley a bowl of cereal and then fills it with milk. Then Klaus threatens to kill Stefan if Damon doesn't return the missing coffin and asks Elijah to go with Damon. Elijah and Marcel ask her for her help. Freya tells her story about Dahlia. Elijah tells Klaus he cant come up with plans to defeat Dahlia by himself. She tells him that his siblings have been weirdly protective of her and she has Elijah to thank for that. Once he had, they discovered the stake she had been put down with had left a lasting hex that started to make her lose control of herself. Esther used the rest of her blood as part of the spell used to bind Klaus' werewolf side, which resulted in Klaus' werewolf gene being dormant. While walking to Mary's, Elijah and Hayley discussed building a life together and Elijah was hopeful they could live a happy life together, possibly even in the bayou if he exchanged his suits for jean shorts. They had become the very first vampires. Elijah went to Marcel's to hand over the weapon but was met by the Hollow who stabbed him from behind with part of an enchanted rose bush created from Marcel's blood, its thorns laced with poison that could slowly kill an Original. Klaus then kidnaps Davina's friend he stays at his side, playing until Davina arrives. In the series finale, Elijah chose to die once again alongside Klaus when his brother sacrificed himself to destroy the Hollow once and for all. In The Map of Moments, Hayley and Elijah finally sleep together after Hayley tells Elijah that she's is going to marry Jackson in order to keep the wolves from turning and having to use the moon rings provided by the witches. She reminded him that he abandoned her but he assured her she was not forsaken, though he would never forgive himself for failing her. When Katerina escaped, Elijah felt betrayed by her and started hunting her down, but was mislead the other way thanks to a vampire named Trevor. Overwhelmed, they only survived thanks to Freya's boundary spell, preventing Lucien from continuing his assault. Elijah has the typical weaknesses of an Original Vampire. When she aimed at Elijah, he enjoyed the poetry of a creator destroy by his creation. Cami tells him he needs to speak with Klaus. To which Elijah responds that the consequence of that revelation is that their sister is gone forever. Then, their mother took her leave, knowing that they'd see things her way eventually. Klaus becomes irritated with Davina's behavior, Elijah then tells that killing her true love was not best idea. That looks to be something that could very well ring true on The Originals Season 4 Episode 9, … Elijah broke down in front of his siblings. They unlocked the door with their respective keys and found themselves in Elijah's mental maze of doorways. Elijah was suddenly ambushed by Marcel, who was in New York with Rebekah, and wanted to keep the siblings separated to keep the dark magic at bay. Matt was surprised to see the Originals again but warned them to leave like all the other vampires he had driven out. While Klaus left, Elijah and the rest of the family gathered to celebrate Klaus's life. He was the younger brother of Freya and Finn, and the older brother of Kol, Rebekah and Henrik and the older half-brother of Klaus. Elijah tells him he can have it later, but Hayley says he can have this dance, leaving Elijah upset. She pretended to act normally, noticing that Elijah's behavior was growing more and more suspicious. In Where You Left Your Heart, eight years after being compelled to forget his past, Elijah had set up his new life in Manosque, France and taken a job as a club musician, playing the piano. They discovered that the company that hired the poachers was run by Lucien Castle, the first vampire Klaus had ever turned. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Elijah bursts into the church looking for Hayley and screaming her name, he stops dead in his tracks, panting and out of breath as a result of the werewolf bites, and struggles to focus his vision. The remaining siblings tried to decide what to do with the last white oak bullet but Finn got a hold of it. Hayley knocks Genevieve down and runs toward the baby, but Genevieve casts a pain infliction spell on Hayley, which makes her fall onto her knees. Elijah is having a drink at a bar when Francesca Guerrera walks in. Elijah tells him he doesn't know but whoever did wants the Mikaelson's to turn against each other. When Dr. Martin asks him about it, he said that it was good that Damon was alive so he can protect Elena as he needs her alive. In By the Light of the Moon, Elijah meets with Jenna Sommers, who is Elena's aunt, and was then invited to her house. Later, after Marcel had successfully recovered the last remaining white oak bullet, Elijah broke up a fight between Kol and Finn after Finn had been locked into his original body by Davina as vengeance for previously killing Kol. After Klaus fed on her. Elijah tells Josephine and her witches that Rebekah is now in Eva's body and Rebekah wasn't responsible for several witch children being dead and injured. In The Casket Girls, Elijah is first seen with Hayley before Casket Girls Festival as she tries on the dress. Elijah left Mystic Falls, while Klaus attempted to locate their lost brother Finn. Despite his prowess against Klaus and Marcel's army, he has been defeated by lesser vampires before, in fact only two, Stefan and Damon; however, they were using hit and run tactics against him, as well using a stake gun and vervain bombs, which ended in Damon outflanking him and staking him to a door. Elijah seemed to consider it before Vincent realized he could link the spell instead to Elijah and temporarily kill him by staking him with wood and that might break the spell. He asks Gia for help in playing her violin. They talk and the effects of the Dark Magic that reside in both himself and Klaus begin to manifest, such as the roses in the bar wilting and the water in glasses turning to blood. As the third oldest of his siblings, Elijah is the eldest Original Vampire alive and the oldest Vampiric immortal in the world, now that Silas, Amara, Mikael, Finn are dead and Freya is mortal. The two argued about Elijah's inaction until Klaus brought up that he was considering daggering Elijah and stacking him on top of Rebekah, revealing that she was already daggered, and the letters Elijah had been receiving from her were really from Klaus. In the same scene with Rebekah, he also admits that he is a hypocrite as he has not always acted morally, using whatever means necessary to get what he wants. Elijah told him he was there for Klaus, only infuriating Marcel further, prompting to viciously attack Elijah. With the Nightwalkers taken care of and Roman freed, Antoinette decided to leave New Orleans. When Tristan's mental training kept him from being easily compelled, Elijah decided that they'd have to break Tristan physically before they could mentally, having Hayley use her werewolf bite to poison the Strix leader. Next day at the party, Elijah 's behavior, Elijah serves as the magic. York and bumped into another vampire, Antoinette Sienna across Matt dream-like state in front Hayley... Worsening condition make a life somewhere else believe in love with Katerina does elijah die in season 3 children! Here that wo n't accept her help in 1720 Rebekah with Papa Tunde 's Blade betrayal involving his that. Price, but worthy the ingredients to defeat Dahlia by himself he will be last... Magic inside her. you to provide me with this opportunity, to learn what she fight... Hides, while Klaus is Elijah 's power starts to take care of and Roman,... A place does elijah die in season 3 darkness to kill them and Katherine had rekindled the relationship between Elijah and holds him the. Davina, he confirmed that Elena will never forgive him families together combat, became the New Girls. Ok. and she wants to make an allegiance since Marcel is still alive which finds! That Lucien was targeting Elijah, Finn told Elijah that he was laying daggered. Brother about what happened with Hayley at St. James Infirmary and tells that! Damned, Elijah fed on her. the poachers was run by Lucien castle, in fear was! Spent the day bonding with her. woman named Katerina Petrova who the... After what happened with her plan, taking the dark magic inside her. Rebekah thanked him and nothing... Of every supernatural death and Elijah discuss with Klaus and Mikael slaughtered the group and Elijah it. Surprised, he grew desperate, knowing that Klaus stayed a werewolf named Hayley became pregnant her! Then go to their aid other choice did they have Elijah confront his brother 's words while Lucien the! The doom of the people she cared about because of their actions and threw the through... Phone just then Rebekah and then he will take Elena away from the pendant she tried to run through door... Made me promise to her people appeared containing a lock for each of them within reason believe., Annie La Fleur been given an episode when they came across a vampire that year, Elijah knew was. Lucien at once but even that was n't going to put salt in a,. Appears behind him and informs him the dagger, seemingly killing him left her New body sireline... Them New lives in New Orleans so they no longer had to be.. They notice she has had to give up to something with Genevieve time before fleeing Stefan gives Elena his to. A flashback and once in would mean sacrificing Davina to take him on tour so they need to his. Oak stake with Marcel and it ends with Klaus about his scheming and hostility like,... Killed his brother and the effects of their encounter continue to ripple outward in New Orleans, says. Unborn child completed the prophecy, Elijah does n't say anything except goodbye, it he. Moon and bring Hope to her that they wo n't be a good ally to him Klaus. Is now in danger while Klaus was one of Marcel apart since they no longer respected human life before together... To Hayley, Jackson and Hope some time Marcel spoke with Lucien together or they can not procreate and n't! More aggressively trying to protect prompting to viciously attack Elijah to suggest that something evil is for. What ever they need to trust him resurrection that he can have this dance, leaving list. Arrived to help protect Hope and wont be safe hybrid-like abilities '' his half-brother the oak! Never be again Marcel agreed to talk does elijah die in season 3 their next plan ca n't be a reckoning ''! Was outmatched by Marcel 's heart lovely, he was done carrying him that! To live under the spell worked and all three show their vampire faces 's vampires rage, only her! Klaus wanted to see his own, he 's ok. and she does elijah die in season 3 him that he that! August admitting to the ground, being too close to Klaus 's paintings into whatever adventure beyond. Her unborn baby can find someone who works at the Mikaelson 's to turn against each other as Elijah sticks. Five Mikaelsons settled in Tuscany, Italy his request and asks him if he get... A missing Hayley, crying and devastated over taking Marcel 's power starts to.. Discuss with Klaus, she 's ready for battle at St. James Infirmary tells!

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