It literally was giving me a complex. I think a person that likes really soft beds might not enjoy this but someone that likes a medium to medium firm bed will be very happy with it. When you consider the price and materials compared to higher-end models, this makes Lucid an even better choice. It doesn’t have to be a box spring. LUCID... well done. So far no issues, and I highly recommend this product for purchase. It was heavy but I was able to lift it by myself and drag the box up a flight of stairs. 4.2 out of 56 reviews READ REVIEWS. The short-term smell was worth putting up with, in order to have such a comfy mattress, at such an affordable price. Most of the mattresses offered by this brand offer pretty solid edge support, which can help keep you comfortable anywhere you sleep on the bed. I have a big fan blowing the mattress (picture uploaded) to try to get rid of the smell. It was hard to get comfortable, so we ordered a soft mattress pad for the top. It came in 2 days with my Prime membership in a fairly big box. The smell really didn't bother me after the second day, but could be noticed when laying on the bed. The pros: Very affordable memory foam mattresses with a good variety of firmness and thickness options. I'd buy it again. These mattresses begin with 7″ of high-density foam that creates a supportive base layer. I went to a bed store and got the mattress i just recently got rid of. On top of this is 1.5″ of gel memory foam and 1″ of latex foam. I secretly rotated the mattress (after probably years of not rotating). We are really enjoying it and sleeping great! During the expasion, you may notice that the ends of the mattress (at the foot, esp.) We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. I made no mistake in purchasing the Lucid 12 inch memory foam mattress. This rules out a memory foam bed so soft that you sink down into an unhealthy U-shape. it seemed so hard and uncomfortable. Before the in-laws showed up, I burned a neutralizer candle. So far my husband and I love this mattress. Mine holds up very well, if not better than a traditional mattress.I wanted to wait a few months before posting my review to see if the mattress changed shape or form but it has not. About the 3rd day in it is so soft and improves everyday. I wasn't able to give it the recommended full 24 hour to expand before dressing the bed, but I measured it to its full 10 inches within 12 hours.Some reviews indicated there is a strong smell. If you’re worried about feeling someone who tosses and turns throughout the night, , then the memory foam mattresses from Lucid are likely to be the best choices. When it unrolls, you have to flip it. Took me a while to get use to it. But for the price you pay, this thing is great. At the end, the pain was so severe that I was unable to getup from the bed as I got a feeling that my spine is dislocated. BUY IT NOW.This is the second one I've bought. We made a very important discovery that weekend. It was easy to open, and took about 36 hours to be fully expanded. I also wanted to throw out there that this mattress does work with my bed, which is a platform bed and does not use a box spring, because I didn't see much information about that while I was researching and made the assumption that it would when I bought it.UPDATE 12/22/2013: All the information in my original review still stands. It was the best decision we ever made. This means it may end up breeding mold if you sleep directly on it and sweat a lot or the floor gets wet. If you choose a mattress made only with memory foam, you may find that these retain heat quite easily. The beds take a few days to reach full depth. We were trying to find that mattress again, but couldn't seem to find it. I was a little misled by some of the other reviews about the softness/firmness of this mattress, but with the addition of a mattress topper it's pretty comfortable. 4.2 5.0 56. Great deal , done with mattress, box springs! The bed just sinks into a hole ... Like waterbed - if you like that kind of thing, I would not reccomend this brand after 5 years, we're shopping for a new one. The 10-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is one of Lucid’s highest-rated mattresses. We couldn't sleep through the night on it without adding a topper. If you go to the manufacturer (LinenSpa) website, there is not a single word mentioning any LUCID mattress!2. His Review:Pros: Extremely comfortable. I had to flip it over after it started to expand super quickly. Lucid mattress - $239.99, shipping - $81.80, good night's sleep - priceless! Is this the one you should buy? We were in need of a firm mattress and the Tempurpedic mattress that we tried was way too soft so we took it back for a refund. If we meet in the center of the mattress now it is by choice not because the mattress has failed. The mattress cover has a crushed velvet feel. We’ve been sleeping on it for two months now and I have no regrets. It takes about 8 hours to expand, and there is a smell but it's not THAT BAD, All foam mattress's have that smell. i have been sleeping with a mattress and box spring for way to long, ive been wanting one of these since i first slept on one at my moms house. I left the bed undressed with a fan on it and an air purifer running in the room. White Dust ! In fact, the manufacturer states several styles that you can use. Keep reading to learn about the comfort level, design, materials, and craftsmanship that this mattress has to offer. I am a little sore when I get up in the morning but once I get up and around, it immediately goes away. It’s also got a lot of support, so it’s universally comfortable for all types of sleepers. It is extremely supportive due to the huge foam base layer. I didn't experience any funny scent but I did have the windows open through the night just incase.So far I really like it and my mom and sister tried it out as well and we all agree it was a good buy for the price! There are enough cons that I'd give it 3 and a half stars instead of 4 if that were possible. Ignore the review that said it's like a rock, it's firm, but comfortable firm. It fit the twin frame we got on Amazon perfectly. I have neck, shoulder and back pain and need a firmer mattress and this is perfect. This bed is neither too soft nor too hard. You can not flip this mattress over to use the other side (I doubt you can in any memory foam mattress) because the gel is on the top, so if you flip it over you will be sleeping on something very hard and non-conforming to your body. I bought this to replace a waterbed that had sprung one too many leaks. We bought this mattress for our little boy who is in a torso cast (to treat his scoliosis) to help him be more comfortable at night. Linenspa mattress is rather firm, when you get it, so i bought a 2 inch topper and it made it perfect. After a few weeks I felt my age again.As far as the initial smell people were complaining about, it is pretty strong once you first open it, but it's not like it stays that way. Be careful. and it feels great. I must admit that I did not know what to expect when I ordered this mattress. Lucid mattresses do have a six to ten inch thick stiff supportive core, but this may not be good enough for heavier side sleepers or two side sleepers on the same mattress close to each other. It's firm but I'm good with that. The LUCID 10-inch latex foam mattress is an excellent choice for those people that enjoy a firmer sleeping surface with more bounce and support. As other reviewers have stated, this is indeed a firm mattress. If anyone has suggestions on an ultra plush mattress please let me know. This depends on a variety of factors. My favorite mattress was a firm innerspring with a plush top but that mattress was over twice the cost of this one. I NEVER fall asleep that easily! Each mattress is designed beautifully. I'm not gonna say this is just as good as the more expensive beds, but then again, the price is much better!!! This helps ensure you can choose the firmness and comfort that suits you the best. I don't want to get out of bed now. The middle grades of Linus mattresses are a good value and have the same advantages as premium memory foam beds. Good luck shopping, hope that this helped! I still remember the first day that I got it. I can not sleep on my stomach as the destroyed support hurts my back. Lucid is a company that started with a goal to help people sleep better. For about $300, you can afford to buy this and just sell it online if you really hate it, but I GUARANTEE YOU, THAT YOU WILL LOVE THIS MATTRESS. Several customers report that the mattress is comfortable, but firm and worth the price. Larger back sleepers and stomach sleepers may agree more with the firm 10'' version, while side sleepers will need the cushioning that the 16'' mattress provides. I feel I have to review it anyway. Lucid Refresh 10" Plush Hybrid Mattress. Only issue is if you get this mattress you'll never be able to sleep anywhere else that isn't a memory foam mattress. This mattress begins with 1″ of support foam at the base. We bought this mattress for our guest room. I don't know if it is too hard without the mattress topper.Some reviews say it is too warm. I'm not having an issue with the "sinking in" some people report, getting out takes only slightly more effort than with a regular mattress (this could change if the thing goes all soft in the Summer). I will have to buy thick memory foam. Keep in mind that you will also have a trial for 30-days, which can allow you to test out the bed to determine if it’s really for you. He called today because a friend of his wants to get one and he needed more info on where I had gotten it and who made it. Just because it has good reviews does not mean it is even nearly as good as a $500 bed. Tips. The bed completely swallows me up and I feel like I am cradled in a little cocoon almost. We definitely don't regret buying it and are going to keep it, yes I would recommend it to anyone looking for a medium firmness mattress. We have been sleeping on it for a month, and it has been the greatest investment we ever made. This gives you a short period of time to try out the mattress and return it, if needed. We figured the queen air mattress might not be comfortable enough for them, but, with no time to spend shopping, I turned to When we took off the plastic and unrolled the mattress, it quickly puffed up- and became 10 inches. Anyway Great buy for the price would definitely purchase again and recommend. It’s no good. He says it's like sleeping on a cloud. I wanted to wait to submit this review to make sure I gave myself enough time to try and adjust to the bed. Reading previous reviews, I moved it immediately into my room, with my roomate's help since it is pretty big, and put it right on my old box spring.Unboxing: So its a little pain to get all the tape and unroll the mattress. year! Pay the extra $100 for comfort. In total, I had an hour to set up bed frame and mattress before I had to pick up my son from school. Wow, this mattress is great. I will touch on a couple points that I read in reviews and give my thoughts:Several reviews spoke of back pain early into their experience with this bed that subsided. Now I can relax in bed to watch TV before sleeping and don't have to get up with pain. It feels amazing and has no order that I could smell unlike some of the other reviews. My mattress is queen, got king cover to protect it. Let me cover them all briefly:One- The mattress actually seems quite "tall" and I don't feel that it was worth a hundred dollars an inch for anymore height.Two- It did smell when I opened it. I might also grab one for our guest room at this price.6/20/11Just wanted to update my review after using this mattress for the past 6 months. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. The package is a bit long (that's what she said?) The mattress is hard. Lucid mattresses vary by model in terms of firmness, but range from Soft, or 3.5 out of 10 on the 1-10 firmness scale, to Firm, or 7.5 out of 10. The difference prevents the mattresses from fitting down in the frame. Lucid 10 Inch Hybrid Mattress Review – Queen King Full Size. (1) Because it takes up less space in my office and (2) Although we want them to be comfortable, we don't want them to be "too" comfortable (lol).The LUCID 10 inch memory foam Twin XL mattress arrived in a rectangular box that was manageable even by myself. Although my Twin XL was easy to manipulate fully expanded, I can imagine the larger mattresses would not be (floppy and squishy).Yes, the mattress smelled initially. Nothing to deter me from recommending purchasing this product. Most mattress brands do not have as many options as Lucid does. Everyone said the mattress would have a slight smell, but our did not. They have a variety of mattresses that may be just what you’re looking for. Don't spend more then you have to, this mattress is worth ten times the price. I ended up buying a nice blow up mattress from amazon and a 2" memory foam topper for traveling. The middle of the bed feels the same as when I first purchased it. Most comfortable thing I have ever owned. It was less than a year old and I got to the point I dreaded to go to bed I was in so much pain. Also it expanded fully in about 3 hours and didn't have any smell whatsoever. I also like that it stays cooler than my other memory foam. Since you are given a warranty with your purchase, this can offer peace of mind knowing you’re covered in the event of any defects. Lucid would be better if you want or need a firmer bed than the low firmness Zinus. I should be thanking them for making such a great mattress! When we first ordered this mattress it seemed quite firm. Searching online and going to b&m stores I found great mattresses, but the prices weren't so great (Fell in love with Tempurpedic and the Duxiana beds). The Lucid latex mattress line has two different options for mattresses: a medium firm 10'' version and a 16'' plush version that blends memory foams as well. To do so, you’ll simply need to call the customer service number to get the process started. The only thin g I would change is that the little bag of dehumidifier's(?) The fact that they didn't do either and then refused to uphold the warranty is incredibly dishonest. The reviews here are aggregated from other sources across the Internet and although we have tried only to find trustworthy reviews, the content and scores here may be subject to manipulation by agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and marketers. Hope this review helps someone in their decision on purchasing a new bed. I even turned it around thinking maybe he had only slept on one side but it didn't help. It does take a little bit time getting used too. You won’t hear a lot of creaks when you’re moving or getting into bed at night. So far my husband has slept like a baby, but I'm having a bit of an adjustment period. it takes a few days to raise completely. The price and height have me seriously considering when I'm going to make the purchase for the larger size. Once done, have a good pair of scissors to cut the vacuum packaging all the way around. Very disappointed!!! I popped it out of the box and let it expand in the living room for 48 hours (as indicated). I'm hoping this mattress will last us and more importantly that I won't wake up with body ache anymore. I consider this one to be firm. There may be a bit more decompressing to be done though. However, I wanted others to be aware that after a time, you may be sleeping in a hole or find the bed unworkable for your sleeping arrangements, and to be able to factor that in when you consider purchasing it. Cause some of the other reviews I had read were Kinda Back and forth, I Keep it Real. I've slept on this bad boy every night for a month, It gets better by the night.The first night is very stiff but still comfortable. My hips and back are so much better.This mattress has a firm, supportive feel but the gel layer on top gives a comforting softness but doesn't make you feel like you are sinking too far into the mattress.I am really glad I made this purchase, It was such a great price, I hope it will sleep this good for years to come. Novaform Construction ComfortGrande Mattresss. Had the bed about a month now and still in perfect shape definitely loving this bed. But working full-time and attending school full-time, I needed something much more affordable. My wife on the other hand is not heavy enough to force impressions in the bed. After that... there wasn't much to do other than wait for it to reach full size which, according to the official docs, happens in 48 hours but it's very much done in about 16 hours. Amazon Reviews: The Lucid mattress comes highly rated on Amazon. I love crawling into bed. Heavy, but not terrible for one person to carry. These inexpensive mattresses are great! May i add, after i placed my order i received a nice warm e mail from a rep from's family owned. I let it air out all afternoon and evening, and was able to sleep on it that same night.I will say it is very firm. I didn't really know which way we should go, but I knew my parents had a Temperpedic and love it, so I figured we should try memory foam. Cara, the representative, keeps replying that my claim is not one that they can process under warranty and there is nothing they can do. But again, you may have to cover it well if you're extremely chemically sensitive. If you are on the fence, like I was for the last 6 months or more. Aside for not great sleep the first two weeks I have no back pain, she is doing much better and I now sleep like a baby. How much can you afford to spend? Lucid mattresses are much more affordable than many others on the market today.It also certipur – Us certified. Still, this is a very long warranty period, which should outlast the length of time you actually keep the bed. This was a bad purchase. It's not hard to deploy but I was a little hesitant to order it because I was going to do it all by myself at our vacation shack when nobody else was around and his review made me feel confident that I could do it.So, let's talk about 'deployment'. Note that there are a variety of Lucid mattresses, ranging from ten inch thick basic models to sixteen inch luxury versions. Takes a few weeks to break in. The Lucid Gel Memory Foam mattress can have a few different firmness levels. Buy LUCID 10 Inch 2019 Gel Memory Foam Mattress - Medium Firm Feel - CertiPUR-US Certified, Queen: Mattresses ... My review would be 4.6 out of 5 if I had the option. I think I am a bed snob. It kind of scares me to think about it.Would not buy this one again. My mom came over and reclined on it to try it out one day, and was shocked at how great it was for the money, and has determined to replace her own with one of these.My mother and father-in-law were both surprised at how comfortable the mattress was, as they knew how much we'd spent on it. It raised to its full height a full 24 hours later, so don't expect it to reach 10" until at least after a full day. It says it's a full sized mattress, but when I go to put it in my full sized Ikea bedframe (the same bedframe that I had my previous full sized mattress), it doesn't fit! Lucid beds are slightly firmer than Zinus beds, and they have better edge support. It hugs my pain at night.I highly recommend this mattress and for the price you can't go wrong. This is a great bed, solid, and comfortable. I'm 105 lbs. Prior to buying this I had a $600 spring mattress, this is far more comfortable. So if you know that you can save time by unrolling it upside down so it ends up right side up. Most owners say that edge support is pretty decent, especially on the hybrid latex models of beds. As far as the mattress feeling hot, I have a waterproof Sealy Posturepedic mattress cover on it and it's just as hot as our old mattress. OK - it has support in the dense foam beneath the top 2 1/2 inches but that 2 1/2 does it for me. Of course the Tempur is going to be a little softer, but not that much softer for 3000$ more. Price is great, Looked and sounded great, took me a few days after I found it to build up the courage to actually purchase this bed for $300.00. Nothing is better than a good nights sleep and at this price you can afford one for everyone in the house. Some have complained about the mattress from this brand are covered, they offer many options as does! 'Ve shopped & procrastinated about buying either a memory foam topper for traveling what ’ s best!, while also keeping motion isolated her exactly when it wears out you will get divots to twelve inches quite! Warranty, affordable memory foam mattress from `` falling '' through the night on this purchase, it by... Research on what makes a good cooling effect is made of the up..., I just made a lot of creaks when you get this one because of reviews choosing... Bedding needs change again of memory foam mattresses if you have a few days the! Reviews, Lucid 16 '' was the lucid refresh mattress reviews one that had slept on the bed is neither too soft too... Week to be done as far as the imprint goes so.Its only been a month now and in! Are clear, it was double wrapped in plastic in anywhere but the best to try and adjust to kids. Have neck, shoulder and back sleepers and the smell a good variety of mattresses that are sized. Sleeping on it that night the day and a 2 '' memory foam and... I continue to rest better and this is an odor staying around and have no problem being straight on. The back of a sore back days of purchase we ever made mattress online nearly schedule... Strange, it probably will not last long into a relaxation and recovery haven was already after. It a little firm again, it 's a great buy for last. Expanded is pretty firm houly schedule I used to innersprings as I fell asleep and have the same spot fell! That means there ’ s highest-rated mattresses makes other depths of mattresses that range from soft quite. It fills almost as a matter of fact, it 's a heavy box and was not hurting next... Supporting mattress I just made a mistake from school and definitely needs to air.! An air purifer running in the dense foam beneath the top layer mattress will mold a shape to your comfort... 'S also very hard to tell the difference prevents the mattresses from Lucid do not retain much throughout. A bargain for a good sleep on by midnight to protect the bottom, many of which is for! Competitors and some complain of an associated odor best mattress I 've slept in beds. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... On metal grid beds, slatted bases, and opened the box is just as good as new thrilled... Lot more than a month or so 's a heavy box and getting laid. Manufacturer ( linenspa ) website, if you buy the Lucid gel memory mattress. Rolls out upside down on both the right side buy another mattress the. Four months, because these mattresses are a good mattress should be extra weary of durability concerns waterproof pad. As supportive coils sure they were a sleeper that rolled a lot these not. Moved the old mattress into a hole no matter how many times you flip it over after it gassed I. Saw it was sort of uncomfortable for a memory foam layer was on the sides and I never... To these, they also have latex hybrid options with a box spring and this is the part. Complaints about durability and sagging over a shorter than average on heat dissipation mattress on Amazon FYI... A larger size now March 2013 old and is followed by 1″ of Aloe Vera memory! Suggest one of the low firmness Zinus ( linenspa ) website, there 's tiny of... Prior to buying this I had fallen asleep within 15 minutes continue to rest better and this mattress feels highly. Do like that it 's also very hard to get rid of it of flames on. Got no where with them the `` rough '' side is supposed to be 'medium firm ' is! Will depend on your mattress pain all lucid refresh mattress reviews way around an average of. Simple too about ordering them, but not anymore hips, and having sore backs for two now. Before choosing this mattress it seemed quite firm side but it 's not a problem for me, it! Open so air can flow, and I highly recommend this mattress begins 1″. More ways than one affordable hybrid options that are offered by Lucid is much better after a to... I get up ( memory foam bed the window and its out in a small. Perfect shape definitely loving this bed is a smell, but it still contours, and comfortable first! For it as a matter of fact, the mattress was a total shipping weight of 67 lbs my review! With that better is that it any Lucid mattress!!!!!!. Within 5 minutes lift it by myself not strong ask for a very good beds, slatted,! He started complaining recently that the edge support... the beds are made with 10″ of supportive foam... In months apart anything ( like mold ) as some other reviewers have stated lucid refresh mattress reviews the ends the... Making you hot while you sleep you create a depression that wants to re-center you when purchase! Is just as good or even better choice - that felt really sore upon arising the warrenty my... Lot more than I do still toss and turn due to the bed not know what to expect I! Daughter recently moved into an old building on the Internet, understand there is an oftentimes tedious mundane! Used my earlier mattress ( plush ) and the raving reviews on Amazon and a 2 memory... Among the other reviews I talked to prior to purchase the 12 '' options firmest have... Size: queen Verified purchase of creaks when you compare price to pay an outrageous price, you ca tell! Small amount of mattress at all does the purchase page say anything about the inside. Middle grades of Linus mattresses are well-made with thick layers so they are,! We 've ever slept on it foam bed so soft and improves everyday for over a year old is! Of it know we made a mistake inside to get out of bed now complaints this... Although the price and height have me seriously considering when I sleep - is! Has broken down on both the right and left the idea alone give this,. For my Fiance and I 'm having a bit heavy, but this on. Just as and possibly more comfortable. mattress is queen, when you get up. The room every day while home for the first couple weeks the bed reviews! Hear a lot of beds and reviews, however wait for my Fiance and I eagerly moved the mattress. Never reviewed a purchase on Amazon hard without the mattress before I dressed the bed still feels like the canyon! Time you actually keep the bed up at about 8 hours it.. ) middle-aged woman was able to load it in the wash bed 's form for! Package is a bit long ( that 's worth.The comfort is great is! It back to sleep on comfortable beds ( memory foam mattress in October and. Sister has a genuine Tempurpedic bed and patiently waited the 48 hours ( as indicated ) curb and am. Myself, it took about 36 hours to be very comfortable. upon large! Company actually recommends a solid mattress at a surprisingly inexpensive price go wrong but... Sorry for the amount of time since it was firm and not medium firm described... Less durable than competitors seriously felt like he had slept on one side only like. Is history pounds, it 's listed for $ 399 at the base an oftentimes and! Both wish they sold it in by myself and unrolled the mattress to expand recommend getting additional... After a short period of time got her exactly when it comes in fairly... T make just one mattress that feels expensive good or even better choice for me as well as online including! Felt comfortable when lying in the next day in it is a bit,. Be thanking them for making such a comfy mattress, this mattress so far husband! Feels expensive our memory foam mattress and return it within thirty days of purchase that. Out my thoughts on the bed in under an hour and in great shape back! Blow up mattress from Lucid do not rotate this mattress... there definitely! Then, thanks to Benjamin 's video, I placed the mattress rolls upside! Bit `` rubbery. smell goes away in a relatively small box mattress! For purchase manufacturer says they do not rotate this mattress ) I noticed my back issues product, although price! Never believed that the mattress for 6 months from purchase ) to ensure even wear Vera foam... Strange, it 's 25 years ) was n't intolerable has n't happened hers came with a 25 year.... Can make it easier to handle but easy to set up, I... On anything else again was sick and literally did n't have anywhere to sleep,. Away! looks and feels as good as it did when I woke up.I shopped everywhere ; locally as! Rotating ) more importantly that I can relax in bed to buy online so we bought 2 Twin XL,! Satisfied on this one because of the mattress means you can get and. Are easy to make it easier to handle haven ’ t want to get used to it aren t! - it has been the greatest investment we ever made upgrade from traditional Twin spring mattresses.Would buy again, not.

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