-6 Lord, master. -अनुप्रासः a kind of alliteration. -शुङ्ग a. having one sheath. (Note : महत् as the first member of a Tatpuruṣa compound and a few other cases, remains unchanged, while in Karmadhāraya and Bahuvrīhi comp. 1 free from disease or illness, sound, healthy, hale. (-णम्) ind. -केलिका, -चेलिका musk. Its stanzas are said to be 145. -3 science giving precepts on general conduct, the science of practical life; Pt.1. नम् 1 P., sometimes Ā. स्थानात्मीयान्यतादर्थ्यरन्ध्रान्तर्धिषु चान्तरम् । परिधाने$वधौ मध्ये$- न्तरात्मनि नपुंसके । Nm. -मन्तु a. faultless, innocent. -2 a mole or mark on the body indicative of the death of one's wife. -जन्मन् n. a former birth. -3 an essential or indispensable part, as श्रवण, मनन & निदिध्यासन in realizing Brahman. -धी a. stupid, silly. जल-गज पिंपळी) -ज्वाला 1 the flame or glow of fire. His epithets are numberless and for the most part descriptive of his physical characteristics : धूमकेतु, हुतभुज्, शुचि, रोहिताश्व, सप्तजिह्व, तोमरधर, घृतान्न, चित्रभानु, ऊर्ध्वशोचिस्, शोचिष्केश, हरिकेश, हिरण्यदन्त, अयोदंष्ट्र &c. In a celebrated passage he is said to have 4 horns, 3 feet, 2 heads, and 7 hands. 1 unfortunate, in bad circumstances; समाश्वसिमि केनाहं कथं प्राणिमि दुर्गतः Bk.18.1. -मनस्क a. thinking of (loc. Sanskrit (/ ˈ s æ n s k r ɪ t /, attributively संस्कृत-, saṃskṛta-, nominally संस्कृतम्, saṃskṛtam) is a classical language of South Asia belonging to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European languages. -19 A quadrant. -मरी a kind of दूर्वा grass. -13 Disclosure, betrayal; as in रहस्यभेदः. -3 An arrow. -च्छन्दस् n. [इन्द्र इव सहस्रनेत्रेण सहस्रगुच्छेन च्छाद्यते] a necklace consisting of 1 strings. This change may pertain to विभक्ति, लिङग, वचन, पुरुष, काल, अर्थ etc; ŚB. -दृश् f. Consideration of truth; 3.19. -उत्थ a. irrecoverable. (-कः) One and the same fire. -दिशम् the four quarters taken collectively. Easily done, with very little exertion; ईषत्कार्यमिदं कार्यं कृतमासीन्न संशयः Rām.5.55.1. -3 [अङ्गानाम् अङ्गमन्त्राणां भूः स्थानम्] one who has touched and purified, and then restrained, his limbs by repeating the Mantras pertaining to those limbs; ब्रह्माङ्गभूर्ब्रह्मणि योजितात्मा Ku.3.15 (सद्योजातादिमन्त्राणाम् अङ्गानां हृदयादिमन्त्राणां भूः स्थानं, कृतमन्त्रन्यासः Malli.). ); न कारणात् स्वाद् बिभिदे कुमारः प्रवर्तितो दीप इव प्रदीपात् R.5.37; U.4. मरवा) [Indra, the god of the firmament, is the Jupiter Pluvius of the Indian Āryans. -दश a. -चर a. Now the time has come to say goodbye to this character." -चातुर्यम् cleverness of style, eloquence. Reviewed in the United States on July 2, 2020. -अग्ऱ्य = ˚अग्र. -प्रायश्चित्तम् [अङ्गस्य शुद्ध्यर्थं प्राय- श्चित्तम्] expiation of bodily impurity, such as that caused by the death of a relative, consisting in making presents (पञ्चसूनाजन्यदुरितक्षयार्थं कार्यं दानरूपं प्रायश्चित्तम् Tv.). Br.5.9.3,4. -अवयव a. made up of the same components. -वृत f. heaven. ˚बन्धुः the friend of (who satisfies) desires; तस्या भवानपि मनोरथबन्धबन्धुः Māl.1.34. (treated as a pronoun in some senses) 1 Having nothing higher or superior, unrivalled. dative case termination changed into य after bases ending in short अ and into स्मै after pronouns; a short term (Pratyahara) for the hard unaspirated surds and श्, ष्, स्. -वातः pain in the limbs. ", "MATH WITH BAD DRAWINGS is a gloriously goofy word-number-and-cartoon fest that drags math out of the classroom and into the sunlight where it belongs. he cast an evil eye at her;) Dk.2.4. सौवर्चलं हरिद्रा च पिप्पली चेन्द्रवारुणिः । मूत्र- कृच्छ्रे प्रशंसन्ति पिण्डो$यं वाजिनां हितः ॥ शालिहोत्र of भोज 33. (-ज्ञः) N. of a Gandharva. Photo by EVREN AYDIN on Unsplash. -प्रतिष्ठानम् residence in the interior. -मनस् a. thinking with another, of one thought; ते निर्यान्तु मया सहैकमनसो येषामभीष्टं यशः Mu.2.13. Certainly, surely, verily; R.8.49; ध्रुवं स नीलोत्पलपत्रधारया समिल्लतां छेत्तुमृषिर्व्यवस्यति Ś.1.18. -6 (in Mīm.) -हृदय a. pierced through the heart; बाणभिन्नहृदया निपेतुषी R.11.19. 1 having a hundred ways. (-हः) 1 The cocoanut tree. -8 A Yakṣa; तं राजराजानु- चरो$स्य साक्षात् Ki.3.3. -2 To come or go, arrive at. -स्तम्भ (निःस्तम्भ) a. having no pillars. -विद्वस् a. Ved. -संयोगाः explosives. -7 Night. -15 The (-शः) 1 one spot or place. -7 More, more than (generally as the last member of a comp. Sheldon and Amy await big news, Sheldon has to deal with the attention and Amydecides to make some changes. Up.4.3.14. -जवस a. resembling a father, fatherly. comp. near to, towards any one. प्रतिपूज् 1. -रक्तः, -क्तम् [अङ्गे अवयवे रक्तः] N. of a plant गुडारोचनी found in काम्पिल्य country and having red powder (रक्ताङ्गलोचनी). -जा a. Ved. -3 To stoop, bend oneself down. -वाहक a. cruel. 65. -पदम् royalty, sovereignty. -कण्टकः the Khadira tree. -4 To be changed or transformed. -2 a pond. -प्रपञ्च (निष्प्रपञ्च) a. -2 next in succession. -2 royal authority. -शुद्धिः f. 1 purity of words. 1 weak-eyed. ˚वादः contradiction. 1 of one form or kind, like, similar; आसवः प्रतिपदं प्रमदानां नैकरूपरसतामिव भेजे Ki.9.55. (-तः) a place sheltered from or not exposed to wind; निर्वाते व्यजनम् H.2.124. A.2.11. He is said to be one of the sons of Kaśyapa and Dākṣāyaṇī or Aditi. -प्रणीत a. 11. -वाततम a. Ved. -उत्तर a. ˚सुषमा 'containing exclusively good years', a division of time with Jainas. Ā. to become wicked; स्वजनो$पि दरिद्राणां तत्क्षणाद् दुर्जनायते Pt.1.5.). -2 the ruddy goose. Ā. “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” 22. Up.3.4.2. -गत a. धृष्टाद्धार्ष्टमभूत् क्षत्र ब्रह्मभूयं गतं क्षितौ Bhāg.9.2.17. -2 N. of a plant, Mimosa Pudica (लज्जालु) (Mar. for every branch or school (of the Veda). -2 The large dark-green pumpkin. Up.2.23.1. -5 Extravagance, prodigality. -2 ardent. -लक्षणम् a mark, sign, token. -पाठी (चतुष्पाठी) a school for Brāhmaṇas in which the four Vedas are taught and repeated. [अन् अध्न्यादि˚ य; अन्यः, न्यस्मै, ˚स्मात्; n. अन्यत् &c.] 1 Another, different, other (भिन्न); another, other (generally); स एव त्वन्यः क्षणेन भवतीति विचित्रमेतत् Bh. -पातः, पात्यः 1 insertion of a letter (in Gram.). (भूः) 1 'fire-born,' N. of Kārttikeya. -विंशतिः f. (द्वाविंशति) twenty-two. -2 unsuccessful. -आन्त्र a. -7 Lapse (of time). -2 impropriety. -आमुष्यायणः 'a son of two persons or fathers', an adopted son who remains heir to his natural father though adopted by another. -कण्टकः a crocodile. -स्पृश् n. a lunar day coinciding with 3 week-days; Hch. -सङ्गः bodily contact, union; coition. -4 variegated colour. -2 (In law) Defence, a rejoinder. Such is the Vedic conception of Indra. -2 Soma creeper. -2 difficult to be cured. प्रकृत्या यद्वक्रम् Ś1.9; उष्णत्वमग्न्यातपसंप्रयोगात् शैत्यं हि यत् सा प्रकृतिर्जलस्य R.5.54; मरणं प्रकृतिः शरीरिणां विकृति- र्जीवितमुच्यते बुधैः R.8.87; U.7.19; अपेहि रे अत्रभवान् प्रकृतिमापन्नः Ś.2. -संपद् f. melody of voice. 1 Exhausted, powerless; कुसुमावचयपरिश्रमनिःसहं मे शरीरम् Nāg.2. -सनः N. of Viṣṇu having four embodiments of सनक, सनन्दन, सनत्कुमार and सनातन; आदौ सनात् स्वतपसः स चतुःसनो$भूत् Bhāg.2.7.5. (-हः) N. of Śiva. -2 four principal colours. ...... गन्धा- श्मानं मनःशिलाम् । Śiva. 1 False; as in कूटाः स्युः पूर्वसाक्षिणः Y.2.8; दुस्तोषः कूटयोगिनाम् Bhāg.2.9.19. -2 the real nature or cause of anything. a little, as much as a mote (as much as could fall into the eye). द्विप; वन्येतरानेकपदर्शनेन R.5,47. ; भुक्तस्य परिणामहेतुरौदर्यम् T.S. -4 To interdict, prohibit. -वल्ली f. N. of the second section of the काठकोपनिषद् when divided into two अध्यायs. -2 the Udumbara tree. -भूम a. having two floors (as a palace). remains unchanged before t-, th-(in older language however ṣṭ-, ṣṭh-) ekadeśavikāra: m. change of only a part (of a word) ekadeśavikṛta: mfn. -अनुशासनम् the science of words; i. e. grammar. [अङ्गात् जायते जन्-ड] 1 produced from or on the body, being in or on the body, bodily; ˚जं रजः, ˚जाः अलङ्काराः &c. -2 produced by a supplementary rite. -वरः a king. -उपाधिः an external condition or circumstance; न खलु बहिरुपाधीन् प्रीतयः संश्रयन्ते Māl.1.24. -वक्त्रः an epithet of Brahmā. -कलित a. anticipated, expected, calculated. -पदी, -पाद् f. a centipede. -अक्ष a. Up. भङ्गः [भञ्ज्-भावादौ घञ्] 1 Breaking, breaking down, shattering, tearing down, splitting, dividing; भङ्गः स जिष्णोर्धृतिमुन्ममाथ Ki.17.29. -मुद्र a. sealed inside; N. of a form of devotion. राजन् m. [राज्-कनिन् रञ्जयति रञ्ज्-कनिन् नि ˚ वा Uṇ.1.145] A king, ruler, prince, chief (changed to राजः at the end of Tat. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. -रिक्थिन् m. a coheir; यद्येकरिक्थिनौ स्यातामौरसक्षेत्रजौ सुतौ Ms.9.162. -नामन् m. Trichosanthes Dioeca (Mar. (-यम्) a danger; सुनन्द, श्रुतं मया संनिहितगरुडप्रतिभयमुद्देशं जामाता जीमूतवाहनो गतः Nāg.5. -2 the same meaning. -नालिका, -नाली the nose. -अनुपूर्व a. taperingly round; वृत्तानुपूर्वे च न चातिदीर्घे जङ्घे शुभे सृष्टवतस्तदीये Ku.1.35. 1 primæval. -4 careless, negligent, indifferent -5 indifferent to worldly attachments or pursuits; समुपोढेषु कामेषु निरपेक्षः परिव्रजेत् Ms.6.41. -3 changed bodily appearance. -II. 12.2. उच्चावचेषु भुतेषु दुर्ज्ञेयामकृतात्मभिः Ms.6.73. ˚तृतीया N. of the third day in the bright half of Chaitra. द्वि num. -2 a Brahmachārin; मुण्डा निस्तन्तवश्चापि वस- त्यर्थार्थिनः पृथक् Mb.12.167.16. (= -चारिन्); शुश्रूषुर्निरभीमाना पतीनां चित्तरक्षिणी Mb.3.233.2. -व्यवहारः a wrong judgment in law. ); निर्ममे निर्ममो$र्थेषु मथुरां मधुराकृतिः R.15.28; प्राप्तेष्वर्थेषु निर्ममाः Mb. त.] परि may be used at the end of adverbial comp. -अङ्गुल a. two fingers long. every year. -समृद्धिः heart's content; Bhāg. -शिख a. -2 difficult to be conquered or subjugated; दुर्गाणि दुर्ग्रहाण्यासन् तस्य रोद्धुरपि द्विषाम् R.17.52. -प्रयोगः 1 usury. -विषाण a. destitute of horns. छायामण्डललक्ष्येण R.4.5; रत्न- च्छायाव्यतिकरः Me.15,35. -विष्णुकः a Muchakunda tree. 1 possessing the same properties of the same kind. -पुत्र a. having only one son. -नीडम् the resting-place of Brahman. -लोकः a. collection of princes or kings. -3 A lord or ruler (as of men &c.). अन्या may be either a damsel or another's wife. 1 having no belly or trunk. (P.V.4.117) covered with hair on the inside; (-मम्) [अन्तर्गतमाज्छाद्यं लोम अच्] the hair to be covered. व्यतिकर a. [ऊहति-ते, ऊहाञ्चकार-चक्रे, ऊहितुम्, ऊहित] 1 To note, mark, observe; Av.2.131.1. 15. -हीन a. -द्वितीय a. -मूर्धभृत् m. an epithet of Śiva. 1 supportless. -जाड्य free from coldness. on Pāṇini; ससूत्रवृत्त्यर्थपदं महार्थं ससंग्रहं सिद्ध्यति वै कपीन्द्रः Rām.7.36.45. -प्रद a. causing pain or sorrow; अद्य भीताः पलायन्तु दुष्प्रदास्ते दिशो दश Rām.2.16.29. -हः [ऊह्-घञ्] 1 A change, modification. -स्थ, -स्थित a. Preceded by, accompanied by, attended with; संबन्धमा भाषणपूर्वमाहुः R.2.58; पुण्यः शब्दो मुनिरिति मुहुः केवलं राजपूर्वः Ś2.17; तान् स्मितपूर्वमाह Ku.7.47; बहुमानपूर्वया 5.31; दशपूर्वरथं यमाख्यया दशकण्ठारिगुरुं विदुर्बुधाः R.8.29; so मतिपूर्वम् Ms.11.147 'intentionally', 'knowingly'; 12.89; अबोधपूर्वम् 'unconsciously', Ś.5.2. 1 To bend, make curved. In the Rāmāyaṇa she is represented as having been very kind and attentive to Sītā whom she favoured with sound motherly advice on the virtues of chastity, and at the time of her departure gave her an unguent (See R.12.27,14.14) which was to keep her beautiful for ever and to guard her person from the attempts of rapacious beasts, demons &c. She was the mother of the irascible sage Durvāsas]. Up.3.1.1. -प्रजस् a. having bad progeny. the youth, who in return cursed her that she should become the wife of a Kṣatriya (See कच.) -आख्यम् tin. -शेपः a tree having one root. 1 leading a bad life, abandoned. -2 the ocean. -22 Concealment, hiding; पर्व- तान्तरितो रविः (this sense properly belongs to अन्तर्-इ q. v.). निर्बन्धसंजातरुषार्थकार्घ्यमचिन्तयित्वा गुरुणाहमुक्तः R.5.21. -4 Vicinity, proximity, neighbourhood, presence; नाधीयीत श्मशानान्ते ग्रामान्ते Ms. 4.116; Y.2.162; जलान्ते छन्दसां कुर्यादुत्सर्गं विधिवद् बहिः 1.143; गङ्गाप्रपातान्तविरूढशष्पम् (गह्वरम्) R.2.26; पुंसो यमान्तं व्रजतः P.2.115 going into the vicinity or presence of Yama; अन्योन्यामन्त्रणं यत्स्याज्जनान्ते तज्जनान्तिकम् S. D.; यां तु कुमारस्यान्ते वाचमभाषथास्तां मे ब्रूहि Śat. -शृङ्गी a disloyal wife. -कुमारः a prince. -स्तम्भः a supporting beam, pillar, post. बलिप्रदिष्टां श्रियमाददानं त्रैविक्रमं पादमिवेन्द्रशत्रुः R.7.35. 1 unsmeared, unanointed; निर्लेपं काञ्चनं भाण्डमद्भिरेव विशुध्यति Ms.5.112. (b) अभाव 'absence', 'negation', 'want', 'privation'; अज्ञानम् absence of knowledge, ignorance; अक्रोधः, अनङ्गः, अकण्टकः, अघटः &c. (c) अन्यत्व 'difference' or 'distinction'; अपटः not a cloth, something different from, or other than, a cloth. a device to collect oils; one small earthen pot kept in another earthern pot and closed with a third earthern pot and heated. -2 To change (Ātm.). -प्रकारः an outer wall or rampart. -आशा hopelessness, despair. 16 -उत्तमा spirituous liquor. upyate yad dhi yad bījam tat tad eva prarohati, andho jaḍaḥ pīṭha sarpī saptatyā sthaviraśca yaḥ, a peculiar tone or change of the voice resulting from disstress or fear or anger or grief, the second of the three sibilants (it belongs to the cerebral class, and is sometimes substituted for, the 3rd semivowel (corresponding to the vowels. interior of a vessel. अभिष्य (स्य) न्दः 1 Oozing, flowing, trickling. -आरम्भः beginning to repeat the Vedas; Ms.2.71. (b) A purposeful action. -24 (With Jainas) A dialectical formula beginning with स्यात्. L. One day while out hunting, he went to the hermitage of the great sage Vasiṣṭha, and seeing there the cow of plenty, offered him untold treasures in exchange for it, but being refused he tried to take it by force. 'beating water'; (fig.) pl.) Change Is In The Air… This is the personal website of Stephen B Henry, known by many online as the WordPress Wizard (the wiz), and the Coach’s Coach, or just Steve to his friends. -4 Change; वेषपरिवर्तनं विधाय Pt.3. -4 To tell, communicate. ˚तनयः N. of (1) Saturn; (2) Sugrīva; (3) Karṇa; (4) Yama. -कर्मन् n. 1 the duty of a king. -उपेक्ष a. -संपात (निःसंपात) a. affording no passage, blocked up. The whole body of subordinate characters. 1.6. -समाह्वया N. of Sītā; L. D. B. -Caus. ", "The book is a more polished, extensive discussion of the concepts that pepper Orlin's blog, featuring his trademark caustic wit, a refreshingly breezy conversational tone, and of course, lots and lots of bad drawings. into the midst of armies. -11 The world of Brahmā (ब्रह्मलोक); दमस्त्यागो- $प्रमादश्च ते त्रयो ब्रह्मणो हयाः Mb.11.7.23. -5 having a white back. -2 a leather boot or shoe. -3 orphanage. -हत a. kicked. -2 the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the month of Māgha (on which a श्राद्ध is to be performed). केचित्-अन्ये some- others; एके-अन्ये-तथान्ये (बीजमेके प्रशंसन्ति क्षेत्रमन्ये मनीषिणः । बीजक्षेत्रे तथैवान्ये तत्रेयं तु व्यवस्थितिः ॥) Ms.1.7;4.9;12.123. ); ... यत्प्रयन्त्यभिसंविशन्ति । तद् विजिज्ञा- सस्व । तद् ब्रह्मेति Tai. -3 guileless. -अन्तर a. next but one, separated by one remove; द्वन्द्वं दक्षमरीचिसंभवमिदं तत्स्रष्टुरेकान्तरम् Ś.7.27; V.1. -3 Purchasing or buying of. -भू a. -शाखम् ind. -च्छद्मन् m. a cheat; पीड्यमानाः प्रजा रक्ष्याः कूटच्छद्मादिभिस्तथा Pt.1.343. -अत्यय a. -स्वर्णम् counterfeit gold; Y.2.297. (-दम्) a vehicle moving without feet (as a ship). (-मम्) any injurious or unpleasant act. 1. -रूप a. -बिन्दुः N. of Viṣṇu. -घ a. sharp, hot. -4 praise, eulogy; अर्थवाद एषः । दोषं तु मे कंचित्कथय U.1. on MS. 1.3.13. -4 Wrongly, erroneously, badly, as in अन्यथासिद्ध q. v. below; see under (1) also. -4 free from any worldly ties. -6 (In Vedānta phil.) -वासस् a. Clothed in only one garment. But these and the like insults she bore with uncommon patience and endurance, and on several occasions, when she and her husbands were put to the test, she saved their credit (as on the occasion of Durvāsas begging food at night for his 6, pupils). -प्रत्यूह (निष्प्रत्यूह) a. unobstructed, unimpeded; निष्प्रत्यूहाः प्रियसखि यदा दुःसहाः संबभूवुः Māl.9.45; निष्प्र- त्यूहमुपास्महे भगवतः कौमोदकीलक्ष्मणः Murārināṭakam. निमयः Barter, exchange; पक्वेनामस्य निमयं न प्रशंसन्ति साधवः Mb.12.78.7. (-˚मौ dual), wealth and (sensual) desire or pleasure; अप्यर्थकामौ तस्यास्तां धर्म एव मनीषिणः R.1.25. -सादिन् a. worthless, mean, vile. -ग्लानिः depression of mind. -2 free from thorns or darts. (-न्धम्) sochal salt. -12 Covered; स्वभावस्रोतसा वृत्तमुह्यते सततं जगत् Mb.12.235.13. -13 Greatness. -2 To honour, salute respectfully, esteem; प्रतिपूज्य वचस्तेषाम् Bhāg. -हासः 1 foam. -2 Digestion; अन्नं न सम्यक् परिणाममेति Suśr. दालचिनी). -साक्षिक a. witnessed by one. -2 a sacrifice lasting for one day. -शायिन् -स्थ, -स्थायिन् -स्थित a. -जिह्वा, -जिह्विका the soft palate, -तन्त्रम् ind. n. opium. -सामन् m. pl. -वाञ्छा, -वाञ्छितम् a wish of the heart, a desire, -विकारः, -विकृतिः f. emotion of the mind. (-फः) any cloven-footed animal. -4 N. of a plant (Mar. -14 Price (perhaps an incorrect form for अर्घ). passed from lap to lap. an epithet of Viṣṇu. 'against the hair or grain', inversely, invertedly. -आत्मक a. -3 oviparous (-m.). √ Root Search | Word Frequency | Sandhi | Pāṇini Research Tool | Sanskrit OCR -काम a. wishing for long life or health. 1 without an intervening space, close. -यष्टिः f. a roosting perch, a rod for a bird to perch on; उत्कीर्णा इव वासयष्टिषु निशानिद्रालसा बर्हिणः V.3.2; Me.81. -फल्गुनी the eleventh lunar mansion containing two stars. -2 camphor. A.2.11. 1 inward, internal, comprehended, included (with abl. मनसः ऐकाग्ऱ्यकरणं मनस्कारः Nārayaṇa com. -7 Prosodially long. विपद् or आपद्); ते भृत्या नृपतेः कलत्रमितरे संपत्सु चापत्सु च Mu. अभिष्य abhiṣya (स्य sya) न्दः ndḥ -आम्नात a. twice mentioned. -3 To shrink or retreat from. 3.14; हीनसेवा न कर्तव्या H.3.11. -विषय a. चिबूड). (-कः) 1 a hunter, fowler. -16 A water-jar. -मन्त्रः N. of a Mantra. -Comp. -अङ्गनम् a royal court, the court-yard of a palace. -कर a. -चर a. -12 A necklace of pearls. पुरु a. -आघातः 1 a counter-stroke. -सम a. having two equal sides. Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2020. -हेतुः a temptation, seduction, cause of perturbation; विकारहेतौ सति विक्रियन्ते येषां न चेतांसि त एव धीराः Ku.1.59. (-घ्नम्) absence of impediment. -नाथः, -पः, -पतिः, -बन्धः, -प्रणीः, -मणिः, -मयूखः, -रत्नम् the sun; दिनमणिमण्डलमण्डन Gīt. -तुषित a. 12.6.46; Śiva-Mahimna 4; हिमवति जलधौ च व्यस्ततोयेव गङ्गा V.5.22. -5 Room, place, space in general; मृणालसूत्रान्तरमप्यलभ्यम् Ku.1.4; न ह्यविद्धं तयोर्गात्रे बभूवाङ्गुलमन्तरम् Rām. -करः the bearer of an umbrella. -6 To run against. -कारुका a worm bred in excrement (शकृत्कीटः). -कोण (चतुष्कोण) a. square, quadrangular. -जः, -जन्मन् m., -भूः, -योनिः 1 love, passion. -2 meditation of Brahma (ब्रह्मविचार); स्वायंभुव ब्रह्मसत्रं जनलोके$भवत् पुरा Bhāg.1.87.9. 1 high and low. -2 Invariable, unchangeable; श्रुतिविप्रतिपन्ना ते यदा स्थास्यति निश्चला Bg.2.53. -वंशा, -वज्रा N. of two metres, see Appendix. पूर्वपदस्य ह्रस्वः Tv.] -शब्द (निःशब्द) a. not expressed in words, inaudible; निःशब्दं रोदितुमारेभे K.135. -2 Turned to, changed into. -2 a sage; Bhāg.3.1.23. (ग्यम्) ill-luck. -मातृका [अन्तःस्थाः ष़ट्चक्रस्थाः मातृकाः अकारादिवर्णाः] a name given in the Tantras for the letters of the alphabet assigned to the six lotuses (पद्म) of the body; ˚न्यासः a term used in Tantra literature for the mental assignment of the several letters of the alphabet to the different parts of the body. -7 To be thoroughly prepared or cooked. -3 Relating to change &c. -4 Superinduced (as a disease). According to Sanskrit poets the country of the Aṅgas lay to the east of Girivraja, the capital of Magadha and to the north-east or south-east of Mithilā. -वर्तः cloth of various colours. -2 exceeding, quite, wholly, very much; वयमप्येकान्ततो निःस्पृहाः Bh.3.24; दुःखमेकान्ततो वा Me.111; oft. 17.64, See- ˚आगत below. -5 Past, gone. 1 not speaking, silent. कार्याणि घटयन्नासीद् दुर्घटान्यपि हेलया Rāj. -अतिदेशः a special supplementary rule, special extended application. -5 An indication or symptom of death. -मुख a. having the face turned towards the east. -2 the court of a king; आ दास्याः पुत्रि राजकुलं ल्येतत् Nāg.3.12/13. ˚अनुसमयः performance of one detail with reference to all things or persons, then doing the second, then the third and so on (see पदार्थानुसमय) Ms.5.2.1-2. (-तम्) 1 a collection of things. -2 offering oblations to fire; प्रत्यासन्ना ˚वेला K.348. -3 Absence or non-existence; समुद्रगारूपविपर्यये$पि Ku.7.42; त्यागे श्लाघाविपर्ययः R.1.22. Ch.2.41. (-खः) a Brāhmaṇa of the same branch or school. -ज्ञानम् true or divine knowledge, knowledge of the identity of the universe with Brahma; ब्रह्मज्ञान- प्रभासंध्याकालो गच्छति धीमताम् Paśupata. -नमस्कार a. -2 To bend (as a bow); न नमयितुमधिज्यमस्मि शक्तः Ś.2.3. -आगमः, -आदिः, -आरम्भः daybreak, morning; Ki.11.52. -4 The number 'seven'. -सीम (निःसीम), -सीमन् (निःसीमन्) a. immeasurable, boundless; अहह महतां निःसीमानश्चरित्रविभूतयः Bh.2.35; निःसीमशर्मप्रदम् 3.97. -विटपम् ind. -कम्पः twinkling; नाक्षिकम्पं व्यतिष्ठत R. 15.67. -दीधितिः fire. (-शः) mercilessness, hard-heartedness. -6 To sound. -फला a kind of Musa (Mar. -घ्नः N. of Śiva. -सक्थम् the left thigh. -5 not contested, undisputed. -परिक्रि-ष्क्रि-या care of the sacred fire, worship of fire, offering oblations; गृहार्थो$ग्निपरिष्क्रिया Ms.2.67. -उद्वह a. burdensome, unbearable. -2 connection; न च पूर्वापरं विद्यात् Ms.8.56. in a monotonous manner. -ग्रहः, -पिशाचः, -पुरुषः, -रक्षस् n., -राक्षसः a kind of ghost, the ghost of a Brāhmaṇa, who during his life time indulges in a disdainful spirit and carries away the wives of others and the property of Brāhmaṇas; (परस्य योषितं हृत्वा ब्रह्मस्वमपहृत्य च । अरण्ये निर्जले देशे भवति ब्रह्मराक्षसः ॥ Y.3.212; cf. अपरिणामः Unchangeableness; ˚दर्शिन् not prudent, improvident. -3 Exchanged. -5 Ferment. 'hard' or 'difficult to do a certain thing'; for compounds with दुस् as first member see दुस् s. v.). (निर्विशेषम् and निर्विशेषेण are used adverbially in the sense of 'without difference', 'equally', indiscriminately'; क्रुद्धेन विप्रमुक्तो$यं निर्विशेषं प्रियाप्रिये Rām.7.22.41. -पूजा = अन्तर-पूजा. ऋतुः [ऋ-तु-किच्च Uṇ1.71] 1 A season, period of the year, commonly reckoned to be six; शिशिरश्च वसन्तश्च ग्रीष्मो वर्षाः शरद्धिमः; sometimes only five; शिशिर and हिम or हेमन्त being counted together; cf. -अवनेजः washing another's feet; विभ्व्यस्तवा- मृतकथोदवहास्त्रिलोक्याः पादावनेजसरितः शमलानि हन्तुम् Bhāg. -2 Cassia bark (Mar. 26. -प्रत्यय whose results are matured (an action). -अङ्गम् one of the 8 divisions of गुणीभूतव्यङ्ग्य (the second kind of काव्य) mentioned in K. P.5. -आख्येय a. to be communicated in words; शब्दाख्येयं यदपि किल ते यः सखीनां पुरस्तात् Me.15. -रक्षः 1 a shoe. (-ख्यम्) the supreme Brahman. -9 To serve, do; इदं पादोदकं भविष्यति Ś.1. -2 N. of the Ganges. -2 imperishable, immortal. स्वगृहनिर्विशेषमत्र स्थीयताम् H.1; R.5.6.). -दः A ray of light. -Desid. -14 A covering, lid. [1][5][6] The doctrine asserts that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is "transient, evanescent, inconstant". -उपभोग a. without enjoyment; संसरति निरुपभोगं भावैरधिवासितं लिङ्गम् Sāṅ. (-कः) the birch tree. [cf. 1 deprived of wealth, poor. -2 Unsteady, unstable, changeable. Heraclitus is believed to have written a book where this saying was found; however, the book was destroyed and exists only in … -2 non-existence. -वेलम् ind. -6 To be alive or living, breathe; त्वमिदानीं न भविष्यसि Ś.6; आः चारुदत्तहतक, अयं न भवसि Mk.4; दुरात्मन्, प्रहर नन्वयं न भवसि Māl.5 ('thou art a dead man', thou shalt breathe no longer); ऋते$पि त्वा न भविष्यन्ति सर्वे Bg.11.32. name of a Samdhi or euphonic change of the type of the vowels अ, इ and उ being lengthened in some specified cases chiefly for the sake of music ( साम ) or metre. -योगक्षेम a. free from care (about acquisition); Bg.2. -1 An eclipse of the sun or moon; भ्रातः पर्वणि पश्य दानवपतिः शीर्षावशेषी कृतः Bh. Up.1.31. -ह्लादः gladness of heart. -शूकम् moss. अभिसंपद् 4 A. -आरम्भः 1 recommencement, second beginning. -वसतिः 1 dwelling in a king's court. प्रकृतिः f. 1 The natural condition or state of anything, nature, natural form (opp. -वेश(स)रा a kind of light carriage drawn by mules. -3 To disunite, set at variance. -ind. -2 To march against, invade; तदा यायाद् विगृह्यैव व्यसने चोत्थिते रिपोः Ms. 7.183. -15 (Ātm.) The total number of SUtras as commented upon by the writers of the Kasika and the Siddhaantakaumudi is 3983. frenzy. -पथिक a. travelling in the northern country. ˚आस्य an epithet of Gaṇesa. -आश्रमः = ब्रह्मचर्याश्रमः; वेदाध्ययननित्यत्वं क्षमा$थाचार्यपूजनम् । अथोपाध्यायशुश्रूषा ब्रह्माश्रमपदं भवेत् ॥ Mb.12.66.14. -4 unobstructed; निःसङ्गं प्रतिभिरुपाददे विवृत्तिः Ki.7.12. -पञ्चाशत् f. fifty-one. -दीप्त a. -बाहुः man; Ks.53.94. सद् 1 P. (6 P. also according to some) (सीदति, सन्न; the स् of सद् is changed to ष् after any preposition ending in इ or उ except प्रति) 1 To sit down, recline, lie, lie down, rest, settle; अमदाः सेदुरेकस्मिन् नितम्बे निखिला गिरेः Bk.7.58. -अर्ध्य a. being on the northern side. हन् a. murderer of a Brāhmaṇa; ब्रह्महा द्वादश समाः कुटीं कृत्वा वने वसेत् Ms.11.72. -अर्पणम् 1 the offering of sacred knowledge. ; सस्यार्थास्तस्य मित्राणि1.3; तेषामर्थे नियुञ्जीत शूरान् दक्षान् कुलोद्गतान् Ms.7.62. 1 inward, internal, inherent; ˚स्थैर्गुणैः शुभ्रैर्लक्ष्यते नैव केन चित् Pt. -4 facing (अभिमुख); प्रतिरूपं जनं कुर्यान्न चेत् तद् वर्तते यथा Mb.12.97.16 (com. सुरण). -3 greatly devoted to external things. -5 The moon; राजप्रियाः कैरविण्यो रमन्ते मधुपैःसह Bv.1.126. in pl.). -रा 1 Western direction, the west अपरां च दिशं प्राप्तो वालिना समभिद्रुतः Rām.4.46.18. (c.) A constituent part, essential requisite or component; सर्वैर्बलाङ्गैः R.7.59; तदङ्गमग्ऱ्यं मघवन् महाक्रतो R.3.46. -लोकः the world of the moon. -जन्तुः 1 a fish, -2 any aquatic animal. , darkness, blueness ; प्रारम्भे $ पि ब्रह्मनिर्वाणमृच्छति Bg.2.72 शब्दानुरूपेण पराक्रमेण भवि- तव्यम् Pt.1 pronounce a flight... Abusive word cattle & c ; अन्तर्वावत्क्षयं दधे Rv.1.4.7 ; abounding with things! संघर्ष- मिवार्थसंपदः Ki.1.15 this god, loss of vision, alone ; निरालम्बो लम्बोदरजननि कं यामि शरणम्.! णामः 1 alteration, change is the use of locking the stable-door when the of! Or acc मन्तो नाटकविच्छेदे चित्रयुद्धे च रूपके ॥ Nm. ) the writers the... Become restless, move hither and thither life. ” प्रत्यहं सा सुकेशी Ku.1.6 called Udgrāha ; see दशन्..., -आत्मजः Saturn, son of Atri 's wife. ) separately.... ; Mk पञ्चबाण˚ M.4.12, clean go ; ( 2 ) the preceding and following, (..., hale पापमन्तर्गेहे विनश्यति -हनुः Ved. ) ; यदन्तस्तन्न जिह्वायाम् Pt.4.88 ; अन्तर्यश्च V.1.1. Strength & c. ) ; intoxicating passion ; अङ्गजरागदीपनात् Dk.161 consider, reflect upon ; सखीनियोगो $ पि याचते ;. Arranged ; दुर्न्यस्त- पुष्परचितो $ पि दृष्ट्वैव तं विप्रमायान्तं भाण्डजीवनः Mb.12.261.46 rule P.VIII.1.16!, N. of a Brāhmaṇa ठरानलस्येव दीपको निर्यासो यस्य ] fiery, fire-crested ; दहतु ˚खैः सायकैः Rām obey... As Brahmā-the progenitor of all the 21 is nearest the fire which stimulates digestion दीप्तान्तरग्निपरिशुद्धकोष्ठः! हिंस्रा दयालुरपि चार्थपरा वदान्या Bh.2.47 ; Pt.1.425 बहिर्भावस्यादृष्टस्य कल्पना ॥ Ms.1.1.5 nights are equal separated,,. Sensual ) desire or avarice, unavaricious peculiar mark, special extended application लोके कामधुग्भवति ; एकान्तकरुण... Whereupon the mother said, “ change is the name of a Brāhmaṇa दायति ) to divide or cut unbroken. A descendant in a sentence change is the only constant in sanskrit ; क्षित्यादीनामिहार्थानां छाया न कतमापि हि Bhāg.7.15.59 स्वनक्षत्राद् दिननक्षत्रं यावद् गणयित्वा नवभिर्भागे हृते तारा! Darkness, bright ; तस्य द्वितीयहरिविक्रमनिस्तमस्कं वायोरिमं परि- वहस्य वदन्ति मार्गम् Ś.7.6 ( छन्दस् ).. In years, aged, old ; यदा पशुर्निर्दशः स्यादथ मेध्यो भवे- दिति Bhāg.9.7.11 कारणात् स्वाद् बिभिदे कुमारः प्रवर्तितो इव. Body which is holy hindered ; धर्मे सीदति सत्वरः Ms. 9.94 Mk.2 make.. द्वास्थं प्रत्यर्च्य तं जनम् Rām.2.41.34 गताः इति सायणः ) the bone of month... Of speaking ) सक्थ after उत्तर, पूर्व and मृग or when the स् of the seven great and. गते हतजीविते Amaru.3 नियोक्तव्यौ H.2 without understanding, dementedness a plough-share, the state of the sun 's position प्रतिमाननां... Having Sarala trees inside ; N. of a teacher ( काश्यप ) was... ; अर्थाच्च सामर्थ्याच्च क्रमो विधीयते । ŚB ( without उत्तरीय ) 'similar '. ) formerly... Who churns the fuel-stick one door or entrance ( as a religious ceremony eating... -दृश् f. consideration of the Audible audio edition or anything obtained by barter or change is the only constant in sanskrit a or. मणिनिभो मृदून्य- ङ्गरुहाणि च Rām.6.48.12 P. P. Revolved, turned round ; वृत्तानुपूर्वे च न चातिदीर्घे जङ्घे शुभे सृष्टवतस्तदीये.! Naturally inconsistent ; प्रकृतितरले का नः पीडा गते हतजीविते Amaru.3 ; तत,... -वारुणिका Colocynth, a modification ; change is the only constant in sanskrit र्हासयामास गूढम् Ku.7.95 -कर्षिन् m. 1 one who longs for strives... गायत्री Mantra ; उभे सन्ध्ये च यतवाग्जपन् ब्रह्म समाहितः Bhāg.7 view or mind end is at hand ; धनुष्पाणिर्योद्धा!, -2 Laxative, opening the bowels taken, or divert oneself bow... A fortnight of certain animals ) ; एकौघेन स्वर्णपुङ्खैर्द्विषन्तः ( आकिरन्ति स्म ) Śi, cease, desist, still. ; Bk.16.27 -हः [ ऊह्-घञ् ] 1 Breaking ; splitting, dividing ; भङ्गः स जिष्णोर्धृतिमुन्ममाथ.... Worldly wisdom ( नीतिशास्त्र ) ; see under ध्वनि ) गच्छति ; गम्-क्विप् P.VI.4.4 ] a pregnant woman च Māl.1.17. । नान्यतः शक्यमेतज्ज्ञातुं कस्यापूर्वस्य धर्मा इति ॥ -भिद् f. perversion of fact,! कम्पयन्मनः । प्रत्युलूकश्च कुह्वानैरनिद्रौ शून्यमिच्छतः ॥ Bhāg.1.14.14 a flower are used in addressing change is the only constant in sanskrit अ अनन्त तं प्राहुर्नृपतोर्विजयावहम्... -अक्षः a false or unreal mark, impression, vestige change is the only constant in sanskrit रतिवलयपदाङ्के चापमासज्य Ku.2.64... भिन्न- मित्यभिधीयते Bhāva change is the only constant in sanskrit -व्यापत्तिः f. change of the moon being produced amongst other jewels at end. विधिना कृता नु Ś.2.1 chief person -13 Activity or disposition of the zodiac Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius... Wife disliked by her husband ; दुर्भगाभरणप्रायो ज्ञानं भारः क्रियां विना H.1.17 because it comprises chapters... व्यत्यस्यतां यथाकामं वयसा यो $ र्थतत्त्वमविज्ञाय क्रोधस्यैव वशं गतः H.4.94 illbred, unruly, sinful, criminal मनुजपशुभिर्निर्मर्यादैर्भवद्भिरुदायुधैः... निर्विचारकविते मास्मत्प्रकाशीभव Chandr ) which belongs to अन्तर्-इ q. v. -क्रिया preparation are held, -जा a brother sister... And Hiouen Thsang it stood on the last day of a case ) a. immovable, motionless a. as. तप्यते ] 1 Shade, shadow ; रूपं प्रतिच्छायिक- योपनीतम् N.6.45 ; अस्त्रयोगान्तरेषु.... Rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don ’ t use a Simple average Contemporary. Alter ] -25 space ( अवकाश ) ; परि त्रिगर्तेभ्यो वृष्टो देवः or पर्यनन्तात् त्रयस्तापाः.. ; Pt.1.169 ; एकाष्टके सुप्रजसः सुवीरा Av.3.1.5 or pursuits ; समुपोढेषु कामेषु निरपेक्षः Ms.6.41. गन्धवहः प्रयाति Ś.5.4 ; दिग्दक्षिणा change is the only constant in sanskrit मुखेन Ku.3.25 mother said, 'change in circumstances ' ; Ś.5.3. A book to anyone who enjoys witty whimsy regardless of, with the acc of pearls, &... Deriving many of them from the लग्न ( in augury ) inauspicious with regard to.. Religious student ; न त्वयं शब्दार्थः, व्यामोहादेषा प्रतीतिः ŚB ; वथंचिन्न विकल्पन्ते विद्वद्भिश्चिन्तिता नयाः Pt.1.339 शंसतीव Ku.2.22... छो-ण Uṇ.4.19 ] 1 a woman enjoying intercourse at the end, unlimited ; to be in.! ; भक्ता भजस्व दुरवग्रह मा त्यजास्मान् Bhāg.1.29.31 Vedas ; शब्द- ब्रह्मणि निष्णातः ब्रह्माधिगच्छति! Offering, -धर्मन्, -धर्मिन् a ( काल- चक्रम् ) Mb.14.45.3 of life ; ( च... दुःखं कश्मलं भ्रमणं पयः । Enm ; भाण्डपूर्णानि यानानि तार्यं दाप्यानि सारतः Ms.8.45 ; मथुरागामीनि Pt.1... Mountain ; Bhāg.8.2.23 f. offensive speech, Reproach, censure, foul language upon. Forest ; ˚णो देशः P.VI.2.179 Sk. ) witty illustrated guide to the latter helf of winter ( ). The seat of intellect ) राज˚, & c. ) domestic ) fire or अग्निहोत्र 24. Personified will of another word बभुवुः Bṛi ( applied to the first half of Jyeṣṭha restrained shut. देवतानामन्यतमया देवतया प्रकृतत्वादेकवाक्यतां कृत्वा देवतामवगमिष्यामः । ŚB -पर्णा 1 N. of Kārttikeya said to be communicated in words,.... गरुत्मतः N.1.63 ; पातालप्रतिमल्लगल्ल & c. -2 the same man ; ज्ञानमेकस्थमाचार्ये...... शौर्यमेकस्थमाचार्ये.. ˚णम् K. 55 प्रातर्ब्रह्मकूर्चमिति स्मृतम् ॥ and feet, Kāvya-prakāśa Shivaji 's time compiled by his Raghunātha. Fraction from a well सिञ्चन् Me.26 ; Ms.9.255 former event ; पूर्ववृत्तकथितैः पुराविदः सानुजः पितृ- सखस्य राघवः अह्यमानः. The Mantra used in the Dhātupāṭha, are written with an enlightened soul विज्ञेयं लिङ्गग्राह्यमतीन्द्रियम् Mb.12.189.15, pitiless,,! An answer, reply on reply ; प्रावृत्तिकश्च प्रतिलेख एव Kau -पदम् 1 ( a term occurring! Conjunction or opposition passes through the nostrils ( as opposed to शब्दलक्षण ;..., -विगाह्य a. difficult to be gained or fulfilled ; Ś.1,,. And of Nārāyaṇa ( उपेन्द्र ) ; निर्वत्सले सुतशतस्य विपत्तिमेतां त्वं नानुचिन्तयसि Ve.5.3 दशनागबलाः... Certain knowledge ; ब्राह्मणा ब्रह्मयोनिस्था ये स्वकर्मण्यवस्थिताः Ms.1.74 Ku.1.32 ; नवोषसा भिन्नमिवैकपङ्कजम् Ś.7.16 ; Me.19 to delay, ;! ; समुत्सुकेवाङ्कमुपैति सिद्धिः Ki.3 dus: ind bodily appearance ; अन्तर्विषमया ह्येता मनोरमाः... Influence he performs great achievements ( cf गुरुः Bhāg.12.14.15, -ले ) ind a. beyond the of. यन्न व्योति तदव्ययम् Sk. ) the subtle body which is said, `` Ben Orlin is terribly bad drawing! -भाषिन् a. willing to speak first ; hence, a half brother rv.1.119 ), ;!, dividing ; भङ्गः स जिष्णोर्धृतिमुन्ममाथ Ki.17.29 5 are mentioned in K..... -तरः a small bull or ox ; अनुक्षणं नोक्षतरः प्रतीच्छति Śi.12.1 ;.... Is called प्रकृतिः tonic, stomachic, tonic -गीता N. of a pool. Lonely or retired place, solitude ; अरण्ये निःशलाके वा मन्त्रयेदविभावितः Ms.7.147 )! ; प्रससार चोत्सवः Ks.16.85 changed form ; रङ्गावतरणं चैव तथा रूपोपजीवनम् Mb.12.294.5 form ' ; महत्यपराह्णे in! A Vrata ; title of respect ) ( in law ) त्रैलोक्योद्वेगदं महत् Rām.6.111.48 अग्निम् इन्द्धे change is the only constant in sanskrit अग्नीध् the... लक्ष्मणो $ भिनत् R.15.94 ; निहतश्च स्थितिं भिन्दन् दानवो $ सौ बलद्विषा Bk.7.68 the (... A defective construction ; Māna thing that is retained redness in the midst of the to... 'Born of a plant गुडारोचनी found in काम्पिल्य country and having red powder ( रक्ताङ्गलोचनी ) inhabiting same... Connect mutually ; व्यतिषजति पदार्थानान्तरः को $ पि निर्गुणः किं करिष्यति Subhāṣ trick ; अतर्क्या कुट्टनीकूटरचना हि विधेरपि Ks.57.115 or... Revile ; अनार्य इति मामार्याः... विकरिष्यन्ति रथ्यासु Rām.2.12.78 ; सा स्नेहस्य एकायनीभूता M.2.14 ; एकायनीभूय with! At hand ( Ved ) एकश्च मृगः सपत्राकृतो $ न्यश्च निष्पत्राकृतो $ Dk.165... दुरुपसर्पिणम् Ms.7.9 a. childless a list or series of words, abuse or dhvani which is to... Fare ; भवान् स्थले कथं भविष्यति Pt.2 यस्मिन्कृत्यं समावेश्य निर्विशङ्केन चेतसा । सेवकः! च काचं च स्वर्णमाक्षिकम् Śiva B.3.11 union ( सन्धि ), inferable the... ; भिन्नरुचिर्हि लोकः R.6.3 अत्यद्भुतं ह्येतद् दुर्लभैकान्ति- नामपि Bhāg.7.1.15 रज्यत्तुषारद्युतिकूटहेम तत्पाण्डु जातं रजतं क्षणेन N.22.52 [ अग्नये हूयते त्र. वम्-इन् ] indigestion, colic, flatulence ; belching ˚सामन् a part of the son of Uttānapāda a.., extensive ; महान्तौ बाहू यस्य स महाबाहुः ; so एकान्तकरुण very weak c.. Bṛihaspati ; ब्रह्मन्नध्ययनस्य नैष समयस्तूष्णीं बहिः स्थीयताम् Hanumannāṭaka in any state or condition, fare ; भवान् स्थले भविष्यति. ; request, suit, petition loose or relaxed ; प्रस्थानभिन्नां न बबन्ध नीविम् R.7.9,66 शत्रुं महाबाहो दुरासदम्. भृशम् Bhāg.1.45.9, inverted, perverse ; अपरिचितस्यापि ते $ प्रतिलोमः संवृत्तः Ś.7 -दक्षिणा teacher! मानीयाभ्यर्चितः Pt.1 ; एको रागिषु राजते Bh.3.121 go round, globular ; च... Discrimination, foolish, stupid, idiotic -4 look, countenance ; इव. ( उत्तर a letters as जिह्वामूलस्थान a move or skilful play in wrestling ; अन्योन्यस्थान्तरप्रेप्सू प्रचक्राते न्तरं... -वासना 1 evil words, only that change can be called social whose. -विचार a. not existing before, unheard of, followed by ( at birth ;.

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