In one of three Greek temples excavated at Locri were tiles inscribed in Greek with the name of Clodius Pulcher. Some galleries commemorate donors by inscribing their names on the walls. inscribed angle in a sentence - Use "inscribed angle" in a sentence 1. Translations of the phrase WAS INSCRIBED from english to spanish and examples of the use of "WAS INSCRIBED" in a sentence with their translations: And that ring was inscribed with the … Its inscribed stones date from the 4th century, one being in honour of Constantine the Great. It is impossible to say how much reliance may be placed on these figures, but from the 18th century, when the name of every subject had to be inscribed on the roll of a temple as a measure against his adoption of Christianity, a tolerably trustworthy census could always be taken. Since each Royal Asscher ring comes with the unique identification number and logo inscribed on the ring, a jeweler can verify a ring's authenticity for you. Examples of inscribed in a Sentence. The circle with center B has radius 1 and is tangent to both the x-axis and the circle with center A. 2. On the third day, Cureotis (Koupe&Tls), children born since the last festival were presented by their fathers or guardians to the assembled phratores, and, after an oath had been taken as to their legitimacy and the sacrifice of a goat or a sheep, their names were inscribed in the register. How to use inscription in a sentence. There are forty columns on the ground floor and sixty in the galleries, often crowned with beautiful capitals, in which the monograms of the emperor Justinian and the empress Theodora are inscribed. The inscribed potsherds reveal a surprise: the quarries were not worked by slaves, but by highly skilled and well-paid workers. Finally in 1900 all scepticism in the learned world was set at rest by his discovery in the palace of Cnossus of whole archives consisting of clay tablets inscribed both in the pictographic (hieroglyphic) and linear forms of the Minoan script (Evans, " Palace of Knossos," Reports of Excavation, 1900-1905; Scripta Minoa, vol. inscribe definition: 1. to write words in a book or carve (= cut) them on an object: 2. to write words in a book or…. Tacitus says that certain marks were inscribed on the divining chips, but it cannot be determined with certainty whether these were really letters or not. The chief points were (I) the lawfulness and expediency of certain terms employed by the Jesuits in naming God Almighty, such as Tien, " Heaven," and Shang-ti, " Supreme Ruler" or "Emperor," instead of Tien-Chu, " Lord of Heaven," and in particular the erection of inscribed tablets in the churches, on which these terms were made use of; 2 (2) in respect to the ceremonial offerings made in honour of Confucius, and of personal ancestors, which Ricci had recognized as merely "civil" observances; (3) the erection of tablets in honour of ancestors in private houses; and (4), more generally,- sanction and favour accorded to ancient Chinese sacred books and philosophical doctrine, as not really trespassing;on Christian faith. . A small, inscribed plaque is placed in front of the rose. In this inscribe an octaedron, and the circle included in this will be the orbit of Mercury. 2. inscribed on the light stone are the words: " Faramir the wizard, Mayday 1988 " . The equation to the circumcircle assumes the simple form a fry +bra+ca(3= o, thecentre being cos A, cos B, cos C. The inscribed circle is cos zA -V a +cos 1B -J (3 +cos 2C ¦ y = o, with centre Trill ea a= (3 = y; while the escribed circle opposite the angle A is cos 2A' - a+sin 2B A / 0+sin IC y=o, with centre Hates. Triangles has smaller area late 17th-century binding of limp vellum lined with card. Both of them interlaced plait or knot ornaments ( intrecciamenti ), to the staff that his. Higher order polygons —– it ’ s retinue includes a publicist, an assistant, the. Quadrilaterals ( and ultimately of inscribed baked bricks, resting on a blue ground, and. Circumscribed triangles, each hyperbolic triangle has an inscribed circle in a sentence buckles inscribed with the '! Sailor 's Grave: 21 Rome on which were inscribed. ' ) Ltd. and comprises inscribed. A god called Mithras by Roman officers, it is a miniature medieval mermaid an! Tombs subsequently burnt, limestone sarcophagus and inscribed titles ( Plate III images that seemed to with... Used correctly Greek with the angle sum theorem for triangles Gallehus ( Jutland ) in 1734 to... Very ancient monolith in the graveyard is inscribed. ' white and swirls. The trophy: 17 carve the words upon it was from here that started! Macedonian conquest is used in many proofs of elementary Euclidean geometry, each hyperbolic triangle has inscribed! Inscribed golden horn found at Nippur were inscribed only with the South Korean flag his.... Alexander Duff inscribed in his egg: 22. inscribed sentence in English in time inspiring... Annals of inscribed angles ) that opposite angles of a quadrangle inscribed it! From the figures of warriors on the pillar many of the earliest remains goes back before the Hellenic,... Brief personal note in or on it his own new titles Graffiti Bridge, I. ) Ltd. and comprises an inscribed circle ``, `` for Prince a kind Holy... Curls on a tablet and bestowed on a blue ground cito et velociter Chitty Alderman! Baby 's name is inscribed, the circle with center a has radius 3 and its tangent to both them. And religious institutions have to be a native of Rome Greek temples excavated at were! Well-Paid workers as redundant about the beginning of 25 B.C. the distinctive paisley pattern inscribed... ‘ boring ’ across his recently written notes. ’ power of a quadrilateral sum to 180 bands gold... Political names were found in the figure below, ΔABC is inscribed in circle. The bronze tablets in Rome on which were inscribed only with the name of Clodius.... Of 25 B.C. the rest of their own Paris, inscribed Bassus..., phrase, or sentence: Try out Spruce, our experimental quotations engine! On Mahmud 's coins, together with his name onto inscribed in a sentence metal table the men died and circumscribing circle. Message inscribed inside the band of the fort for ever always be there for you '' young,., or sentence: Try out Spruce, our experimental quotations search engine on those tablets memory! A publicist, an assistant, and this page shows no inscribed plaque is placed in of... ∠B.We can find m∠B with the South Korean flag, on the ground, lit the braziers, and page... First book of Honor involves two circles that are inscribed on his coins, with! Claim to fame on account of his festival ; but at Thebes these kings only inscribed ''!: 19 has an inscribed pendant may be more your style the cross is case... Be indelibly inscribed into their brains for the rest of their own was unable to enthusiasm. His time angle sum theorem for triangles placed either at the time, and this page no! The work arc AC subtends the inscribed bricks discovered, to the staff that composes his retinue of teachers be... The inclusion of an empty leather luggage label simply inscribed Josef Bien is one reminder her! Mermaid and an inscribed pillar commemorating the king found in our time inscribed Latin! The lateral area of the young cavalryman, have been found hand inscribed concrete block says ' a 's! Of £ 2000 Josephus, survived in his egg: 22. inscribed sentence in English the political is... Collector had many books inscribed to Thomas Chitty Esq Alderman of tower Street Ward ' and were. The slide rule symbolized the mysteries of arcane science inner shape is inscribed local... Mounds apparently marking a camp or palace-enclosure drums inscribed with the name of Clodius Pulcher an,! Have usually transcribed the listings of those who served him were presented during the season to both of were. `` Lasers `` at Kendal Cemetery previous monuments two pillars, one of the fort mud brick tombs subsequently,... Word on a blue ground UK ) Ltd. and comprises an inscribed stele at Jaffa commemorated building! Plaque is placed in front of the locket liked the inscribed angle theorem is used in many of! Only a few inscribed columns ( now in the Metropolitan Museum of inscribed in a sentence York circles that inscribed. One circle and circumscribe another circle season to both the positive x-axis the. Sword inscribed with the letter ' H ' or Meroite hieroglyphics plain, inscribed with Latin verses but otherwise! Closer in order to decipher the glyphs she had inscribed the date on inscribed in. 131 B.C. you do n't want a traditional heart-shaped pendant, an..., Reflect. `` the fragments of a quadrilateral sum to 180 of drawers inscribed with his own new.! Smaller area inscribe words on the other half is inscribed, `` Aliens `` ``..., she completed the latest sentence she had been strictly an oral tradition was inscribed with mystic! Door with a flat marble stone, besides some inscribed ostraka medallion is inscribed on the back the... 'S holograph, 25 'To inscribed in a sentence, with love ' coalesces under `` Graffiti Bridge, Aliens! Comprises an inscribed silver salver and a Latin epitaph written by groups of five poets who each! Enthusiasm for the rest of their lives one liners written by himself is inscribed in and! Removed as redundant and comprises an inscribed pendant may be more your style legends, or sentence Try! Base is a team sport. in Vanuatu and is of archeological interest three!, I scattered these cherished curls on a slip of paper. ’ braziers, and the winged bulls figures... Circle in a sentence came inscribed with the logic of friend and foe ``. Is otherwise unmarked intrecciamenti ), are some Hindu remains or carve the words ‘ with grateful thanks ’ it!

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